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You no longer have to visit an Apple Store if you forget your Vision Pro passcode

Apple released an update to Vision Pro that resolves one of the most confusing issues at launch. Starting with visionOS 1.0.3, available Monday, headphone owners who forgot their passwords can reset their device and start over with a fresh installation. Previously, owners who lost their passwords had to visit an Apple Store (or send the device to AppleCare customer service) to get their $3,500 device back into use.

Today’s new software is the first visionOS update to arrive since the mixed reality headset became available to customers. The first two came before its public release, when only reviewers and developers had it. MacRumors First reported on the software update today.

Apple’s official release notes say: “This update provides important bug fixes and adds an option to reset your device if you forget your password.” It’s unclear why Apple released expensive hardware with a feature that required a visit to a physical store if it only took a couple of weeks to provide a much simpler solution that aligns more closely with the rest of its products.

Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar sees Apple’s $3,500 headphones as a mix of fascination and frustration, better for developers or wealthy Apple fans than the general public. “That’s the Vision Pro experience in a nutshell,” wrote Engadget’s senior editor. “Wonder and frustration. A glimpse into the future that is limited by the hardware that exists today, even if that hardware is among the best we’ve ever seen.”



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