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Video captures flames coming from plane bound for Paris from Toronto

An Air Canada flight bound for Paris from Toronto was forced to turn back shortly after takeoff when flames were seen coming from the plane.

In a statement, the airline said an engine problem was determined to be a “compressor stall,” which can occur with a turbine engine when aerodynamics are affected. The aircraft landed safely and no injuries were reported.

First aid vehicles met the aircraft when it landed, but only as a precaution. There were 389 passengers and 13 crew members on board the Boeing 777 plane.

A video posted online of the plane showed what appeared to be flames toward the rear of the plane as it took off.

Air Canada explained that during a compressor shutdown, air flow to the engine is interrupted, causing fuel to ignite lower in the engine.

They add that for this reason flames were visible, but the engine itself was not on fire.

“Our pilots are highly trained professionals to safely manage these types of incidents and, in this case, the situation was quickly stabilized according to our standard procedures,” the airline’s statement read.



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