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Vanna White Reveals Who She’d Like To See Replace Her On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Last month it was confirmed that Vanna White will not be retiring with Pat Sajak at the end of this season of “Wheel Of Fortune,” as she renewed her contract for two more years, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t already done so. an idea in mind of who he wants to replace her when she finally leaves him.

The ideal replacement for white

White, 66, believes Sajak’s 28-year-old daughter Maggie, who currently serves as a social media correspondent for “Wheel Of Fortune,” would be the perfect replacement for her when she eventually retires.

“I think it’s a good replacement if I can’t be there for some reason,” White told E! News. “She’s been at this her whole life, so I think she can replace me for sure.”

White went on to say that Sajak’s signature charm has definitely “rubbed off” on her daughter.

“She’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she’s very good,” White said. “I think she learned a lot from her father because he is a very good interviewer. “I think she’s good for our program.”

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Retired rhyme

Sajak, 76, announced in June that he would retire from “Wheel Of Fortune” after the current 41st season, saying “the time has come.” White admitted that the thought of Sajak walking away from her is difficult for her, as she has become “very close” to him over the 41 years they have spent working together on the iconic game show.

“There is definitely sadness and it is absolutely bittersweet for me,” he confessed. “It’s going to be very difficult for me after all these years.”

“I mean, I know everything about him,” she said of Sajak in a separate interview with People magazine. “He knows everything about me. I can tell when he is going up the stairs. Our locker rooms are on the second floor. I can hear his footsteps when he goes up the stairs, whether he will be in a good mood or not. Forty-one years together, you know each other very well. “It’s definitely bittersweet, but he decided to retire and I have to accept that.”

White even admitted that he thought about retiring when he found out Sajak was resigning.

“Of course it’s an idea,” White acknowledged. “It’s like, ‘Well, wait, if you leave, what am I going to do?’ How can I stay without you? “It was a very difficult decision for me because it definitely crossed my mind.”

“It’s like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this without you,’ but I thought about it and I’m not ready to retire, so I’m staying,” she added.

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White looks forward to more ‘Wheel of Fortune’

That said, White still hopes to work with “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, who will replace Sajak when he leaves.

“He is a kind man. He is professional. He is good at what he does. He likes to have fun. He even told me, ‘I’m not trying to replace Pat in any way. I just want to come in and do a good job,’” White said. “So, that’s what he’s going to do and I think he’ll be fine.”

White is also excited to have more fun with Sajak as the current season progresses.

“We’re celebrating this year with Pat and all the good times, the 41 years, all the memories,” he said. “We are going to do amazing things to say goodbye to Pat at the end of the season. We have almost a whole season to do that, just look at all the great things we’ve done together. I’m really looking forward to that. “It’s going to be very sad.”

With so much “craziness” in the world today, White likes being a part of a show that brings people the kind of joy that “Wheel Of Fortune” brings every night.

“I don’t mean that selfishly,” he said. “There is so much drama everywhere. “You turn on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and enjoy a half hour of family fun.”

We are very happy that White has decided to remain on “Wheel Of Fortune” and hope that he continues on the game show for many years to come.

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