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Vance Compares Today’s Ukraine Talking Points To ‘Propaganda’ Used To Justify Iraq War

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Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) criticized the Senate’s passage of a $95 billion aid package to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan during a speech on the House floor earlier this week. He compared the narrative to propaganda used to drag the United States into the Iraq war.

History, he believes, is repeating itself. And it is repeated with the same level of incompetence when it comes to dealing with the region.

“There is another historical analogy that I think is worth pointing out, and that is the historical analogy of the early 2000s,” Vance criticized.

“Now, in 2003, I was a senior in high school and I had a political position at the time: I believed the George W. Bush administration’s propaganda that we needed to invade Iraq, that it was a war for freedom and security. democracy. that those who appeased Saddam Hussein were inviting a broader regional conflict.”

“Does anything we’re hearing today sound familiar?” he asks. “They are exactly the same talking points 20 years later with different names. But have we learned anything in the last 20 years? “No, I don’t think we did.”

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Is it the same propaganda from the war in Ukraine and Iraq?

Senator Vance said the current propaganda about Ukraine is similar to that surrounding the Iraq war. That by beating the drums of war, we will achieve success instead of engaging in competent diplomacy.

“We learned that if we talk incessantly about World War II, we can intimidate people and make them ignore their basic moral impulses and lead the country directly into a catastrophic conflict,” he laments.

Congress says today that we must provide endless military aid to Ukraine to prevent more wars and stop further death and destruction.

In the early 2000s, we were given the excuse of “weapons of mass destruction.” A narrative that we must fight to stop further death and destruction. That argument led to a nearly nine-year war in Iraq that cost countless military and civilian lives.

Similarly, the war in Afghanistan lasted so long that some of the people who fought in it were not even born on 9/11.

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The Iraq War also had bipartisan support

Criticism of the Iraq war and the previous failure of intelligence services related to weapons of mass destruction has become more frequent.

The war effort was authorized by a bipartisan vote in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate in October 2002.

The resolution on the Iraq war was approved in the House by 296 votes in favor and 133 against, and in the Senate by 77 to 23 votes.

But those votes were based on erroneous intelligence. Are we operating in Ukraine under the same erroneous topics of conversation and information?

Former President George W. Bush made one of the all-time Freudian errors in 2022 when he tried to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and accidentally stepped on a portcullis.

Speaking on the topic of democracy, Bush condemned Russia, where “elections are rigged” and “political opponents are imprisoned or excluded from participating in the electoral process.”

Sounds familiar?

“The result,” he said, “is the absence of checks and balances in Russia and one man’s decision to launch a totally unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.” Calling Dr. Freud.

There are currently no checks and balances on American aid to foreign nations. There are no checks and balances on our own border protection.

Meanwhile, Vance sharply criticized European countries for not taking greater responsibility in helping Ukraine. Maybe his Propaganda is not as effective as ours.

“For three years, Europeans have told us that Vladimir Putin is an existential threat to Europe,” says the senator. “And for three years they haven’t responded as if that were really true.”

However, the United States Congress has continually been tricked into providing an open spigot of taxpayer money to one of the most corrupt nations in Europe.

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