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Trump Gets The Day And Time Wrong In NRA Speech Disaster

During Trump’s speech at the Pennsylvania NRA, the former president got the time of day and day of the week wrong in the same sentence.

Trump said: “I didn’t need this. I had a very nice life. Nice Saturday afternoon. “I can tell you that if I wasn’t doing this, I would be in a very nice place.”


It was not late when Trump gave the speech. It was night. It wasn’t Saturday when Trump gave the speech. It was Friday.

Please tell us again about Biden, who just held a news conference with a ravenous White House press corps, in cognitive decline.

Trump’s speech was a disaster. He sometimes struggled to speak, slurred his words, made no sense, and sweated profusely.

Trump was also confused and lying. The former president made nearly 30 false statements, including claiming that if he wins Biden, the president will change the name of Pennsylvania, and Trump claimed that he won Pennsylvania twice.

President Biden needs to create this contrast with Trump for the American people by being more visible. Biden may be confusing the names of foreign leaders, but that’s nothing new. Biden has been doing that on the national stage for more than a decade.

Joe Biden knows what day it is and where he is.

Apparently the same cannot be said for Donald Trump.

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