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Trump echoes Hitler’s ‘final solution’ rhetoric in latest speeches

Over the weekend, the United States was able to enjoy one of the great shows that has become a tradition for decades. Not the Super Bowl, that other great American festival. The one in which the mainstream media focuses on some perceived flaw in a Democratic candidate to ignore a Republican who threatens to bring about the end of the republic, this time with the accompaniment of World War III.

On Friday night, Donald Trump spoke at an NRA event, the eighth time he has spoken to the organization. In addition to boasting that during his time in the White House he “did nothing” to control guns in any way, Trump promised a door-to-door effort to sweep the nation of migrants and place them in huge detention camps along the border “within moments” of taking office.

The speech, which included such bizarre statements as insisting that if he didn’t win “they” would change the name of Pennsylvania and saying that he had personally witnessed a migrant steal a refrigerator, ended with some of the most chilling words any American politician has ever uttered. . ever uttered, words that make it clear that Trump has been studying hard since that hitler speech book He stays next to his bed.

The second scariest thing may be that Trump has already said it all before. Many times. The most terrifying thing of all is perhaps the complicit silence of the national press.

Trump does not entirely promise a “final solution” to the “Jewish problem.” Instead, he promises a “final battle” to “drive out the globalists.” Which is it … nothing different.

The idea of ​​expelling communists, another of Hitler’s favorites, is not new. Neither is that “final battle” phrase. Trump used both in his Speech “I am your retribution” in March 2023. That speech ended much like Trump’s two most recent appearances.

“With you by my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers… We will expel the globalists. We will expel the communists. We will get rid of the political class that hates our country… We will defeat the Democrats. We will end the fake news media. We will expose and treat the Rinos (republicans in name only) properly. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House. And we will free America from these villains and scoundrels once and for all,” he said.

He gave an almost identical closing in a rally in north carolina in June. and in a demonstration in Iowa in September. AND a demonstration in New Hampshire in January.

These words, which seem so powerfully poisonous written in a small block of text, are not a random, one-time shot from Trump’s discordant synapse. This is the standard closing of it. This is what he is telling you millions of the Americans. This is his promise to the nation.

Trump vows to expel globalists. He is promising to expel communists. He is promising to get rid of the political class. There is not a single idea here that has not been expressed before. They have not only been written on pages and applauded before adoring crowds. They have been recorded all over the world with blood and flames.

There is a word for what Trump promises when he says he wants to expel, expel, expel, evict, defeat and evict. that word is pogrom.

Trump released this brief summary of his plans the same weekend that he informed European allies that he intended to violate the NATO treaty requiring mutual protection and that he would “encourage (Russia) to do whatever it wants.” .


Still, the front page of Saturday morning’s New York Times contained three articles about President Joe Biden’s age and nothing about Trump’s repeated threats or his claim that “they” wanted to take over Pennsylvania. On Monday morning, the Times fares a little better, with a block of articles about Trump’s promise to tear up NATO agreements. And about what Republicans are like fall in line pretend that Trump doesn’t mean what he says.

“Give me a break, I mean, it’s Trump,” Lindsey Graham said.

“I don’t have any worries,” Marco Rubio said.

“I don’t think it’s any encouragement,” said retired Gen. Keith Kellogg. “We know what he means when he says it.”

The press must find this very familiar. The dismissive attitude that Republicans claim to have toward Trump’s expressed intention to turn his back on Europe is the same mentality that the national media displays toward Trump, who flatly proclaims that he will rid the nation of his political opponents and carry out a purge of “globalists”. and “communists.”

It’s just Trump. Not that he really means what he says. And he says again. And again.

Now, let’s check if Biden made a grammar mistake. That deserves a headline.

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