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Trump Attacks Nikki Haley’s Husband For Being Deployed As Melania Is MIA

Donald Trump attacked Nikki Haley’s husband for being deployed in the military, as Melania Trump is missing on the campaign trail.

Trump said: “I will never run against you. She brought her husband. Where is her husband? Ah, he’s far away. He is away. What happened to her husband? What happened to her husband? Where is the? He’s gone. He knew. He knew.”


Nikki Haley’s husband is currently deployed to the Horn of Africa.

The last time Melania Trump was seen publicly with her husband, she refused to travel in the same car as him. Melania Trump has not shown up to any of her husband’s court dates nor has she campaigned with him during the Republican primaries.

If Trump were to win, she may not return to the White House. Trump could be her own First Lady.

Trump’s comments also reflect the lack of respect and contempt he has for members of the military.

It’s a sign of Trump’s desperation to get rid of Haley that Trump is attacking her husband for being sent while Melania “Milk Carton” is nowhere to be seen.



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