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Top Ice Cream Shops in Toronto

As temperatures in the city begin to rise, there’s no better way to cool off than by exploring some of Toronto’s best ice cream shops. Whether you want unique flavors, something epic for Instagram, or a classic scoop of vanilla, Toronto’s ice cream scene offers a delicious variety of options. Let’s travel through the most delicious ice cream destinations in the city and discover your next favorite treat.

1. Ihalo Crunch

Ihalo Crunch

Ihalo Krunch is a must-visit for those who appreciate innovative and exotic flavors. This shop is known for its Asian-inspired ice cream creations, available in limited editions throughout the year. You’ll find yourself coming back to try options like Ube until the end, a sweet purple yam flavor; Pandan, a sweet floral plant extract; or the intriguing Black on black, which contains coconut and activated charcoal. Its signature black cones, naturally colored with activated charcoal derived from coconut shell, add a unique touch to your ice cream experience. Don’t forget to mix up some flavors for a truly unique gift!

Price: $6.00+


ADDRESS: Multiple locations

2. Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery offers a dynamic and ever-changing menu, ensuring there is always something new. Their ice cream flavors, such as Avocado, London Tooth, Lychee rose waterand Raspberry, can be enjoyed sandwiched between two delicious cookies. Enjoy cookie flavors like Captain P’nut and Old-fashioned oats for a satisfying dessert. Special products such as Big Bang Waffles and Cracked puff pastry Elevate the ice cream experience with creative presentations and delicious textures.

Price: $5.35


ADDRESS: 93A Ossington Ave., Toronto, ON, M6J 2Z2

3. arctic bites

arctic bites

Arctic Bites is not just about the taste but about the experience. You can watch how they make each ice cream roll right in front of you. Classic flavors like Strawberry and Coconut come together with unique options like Taro Coconut, Nutella Earl Grayand Sesame Matcha. Combine your ice cream with toppings such as Lychee jelly and Strawberry Pocky for an extra layer of flavor and fun.

Price: $8.80+


ADDRESS: 21 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON, M5T 1L1

4. Chocolate and Ice Cream Delights

Chocolate and Ice Cream Delights

Chocolate and Ice Cream Delights stands out for its commitment to quality and local ingredients. Run by a husband and wife team in Toronto’s West End, they handcraft all of their ice cream using certified local, organic and fair trade ingredients. Seasonal fruits from local, sustainable farms are turned into jams that form the base of their fruit ice creams. With vegan and non-vegan options, you can savor flavors like Spiced plum ice cream, Black Velvet Espressoand Junkyard Junctiona vanilla-based ice cream with chocolate chips, peanut butter cookies and melted caramel toffee.

Price: $13.95+ per pint


ADDRESS: 3040 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, M6P 1Z3

5. About the third thought

About the third thought

On Third Thought offers a delicious combination of ice cream and wine for a sophisticated touch. Choose between three different flights: the ice cream flightwhich includes three tasting-sized scoops of your daily flavors; ice cream and wine, pairing ice cream with three 3-ounce samples of wine; Or simply Came, with three 3-ounce wine samples. Try their Prosecco Pourover – a scoop of ice cream served in a coupe glass with champagne on top for something truly indulgent. If wine isn’t your thing, they also offer cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic options like coffees, soft drinks, and a mocktail of the month.

Price: $5.25+


ADDRESS: 6 Markham St, Toronto, ON, M6J 1E4

6. Dairy X

Dairy X

Creamery Its flavors, like 3 Berry Balsamic Cheesecake, Mom’s Bourbon Butter Pieand Portuguese Custard Tart, they will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. They also offer stunning customizable cookies and ice cream cakes, perfect for any celebration.

Price: $13+ for a pint


ADDRESS: 114 Queen St E., Toronto, ON, M5C 1S6

7. Ice cream shop

Ice cream shop

Ice Creamonology is proud to use premium dairy products from a family farm in Ontario, combined with high-quality ingredients like Madagascar vanilla beans, Mexican cinnamon sticks, Indian cardamom, and Iranian saffron. They also source fruit from around the world, ensuring natural and authentic flavors. Without artificial flavors or colorings, their ice creams, such as kiwi from greece, brazil melon, Italian pearand Turkiye orangeoffers a pure and delicious experience.


ADDRESS: 250 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON, M5J 2N2

8. Good behavior

Good behavior

Good Behavior is a Toronto staple known for their delicious sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. Enjoy classic flavors and creative options like Vietnamese coffee, mango mojito, black sesameand Martini Expresso. Their rotating list of flavors ensures there is always something new to try, making each visit a new experience.


ADDRESS: Multiple locations

9. Ed’s real scoop

Ed's real scoop

Ed’s Real Scoop features a recipe book with over 150 ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and yogurts, with special flavors in constant rotation to keep things interesting. Exclusive scoops include burnt marshmallow, Tanzanian Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, Tahitian vanillaand the beloved Cookies and cream. Plus, their ice cream sandwiches, cakes, and chocolate-dipped items like Oreos and Chocolate Bark offer delicious variations to satisfy any sweet craving.


ADDRESS: Many places



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