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The Best Makeup for Almond Eye Shape You Always Wanted | Black Kite Express

The eyes are one of the most beautiful and important aspects of your face and need special care when you put on makeup. The problem is that many people are not aware of the role that eye shape plays when choosing the right makeup. Actually, to get the best eye makeup, you need to know exactly the shape of your eyes, whether almond-shaped, hooded, or any other.

almond eye

There are mainly five shapes of eyes, which are:

Makeup for almond eyes

Now, women who have almond eyes are in an advantageous position because they have the freedom to experiment with their makeup. Here are some useful tips to help you get the best makeup for almond eyes:

Step 1:

Since the shape of your eyes gives you the freedom to experiment, it also means that you have to be very attentive to the details. So, the first step for you would be that once you have prepared your eyes for makeup, start with a base so that your eyeshadow adheres well. For eye shadow, you should choose a dark and a light tone, so that they complement each other.

Step 2:

Eyelashes are also a very important part of your eyes, so they also require proper attention and this would be the next step. You should maximize your eyelashes and complement them with mascara.

Makeup step 3 for almond eyes:

The next step is about the best way to apply eyeshadow to your eyes. You should use a straight edge brush to apply the darker shade to the upper lash line. On the outside corners, you can draw them diagonally to create a slight turn. A delicate color gradation in the outer corner can really accentuate your look.

Stage 4:

Eyeliner is a crucial part of eye makeup and with the right technique; You can really create a style that flatters the shape of your eyes. You need to use eyeliner pencils that are good because if you use a thick one but can’t use it properly, the smudge could make you look older. The eyeliner lines should extend beyond the outer corner of each eye and, towards the end, should turn upward.

Makeup step 5 for almond eyes:

Last but not least, liquid eyeliner can also give your almond eye a fantastic look. It can give your eye a dramatic and dark look, which you can combine with the smoky eye look. All you need to do is keep your hand steady, sweep a thin layer of the eyeliner over your lower eyelid and upper eyelid, moving your hand from the inner crease to the outer side. Just pay attention to the fact that you use this in short strokes, resisting the temptation to do it in longer strokes, because even a small mistake can ruin everything.

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Tips to follow when applying makeup for almond eyes

Applying the following tips to your makeup can make your almond eyes look even more flattering:

Makeup tips for almond shaped eyes.
Accentuate the shape of your almond eyes with the right tips
  • While applying eyeliner, create a thin line on your upper eyelid, thickening it slightly toward the outer edges. It will highlight the shape of your eye even more. Don’t hesitate to add lids or mascara to make your eyes look bigger. Additionally, you can experiment with applying a thicker eyeliner to the middle of your eyelids to simulate the look of round eyes.
  • Always remember to curl your eyelashes. This tip can make a big difference in your overall eye makeup. Use a curler with a shallow arch and a wide opening to cover all of your lashes. Add a touch of mascara for wide, bright eyes.
  • Choose lighter shades for the eyeshadow as it blends nicely into the front of the crease and creates a rich tone on the outer edge. Deeper shades towards the back flaunt the almond shape of your eyes even better.
  • Taking care of your eyebrows can make your eyes stand out. Make sure you shape your eyebrows correctly to complement your eyes. Opt for a thinner outer arch to illuminate the shape of your eyes.
  • You can embrace and beautify the almond shape of your eyes with cat eye makeup. You can further accentuate the almond shape of your eyes with a single-color bronzing eyeshadow around your eyelids.
  • Are you looking for some drama or want to experiment with your appearance? Add a bright shade of eyeshadow to your lower lash line. How about adding a lighter shade of eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye? It will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  • Try the halo effect instead of a full smokey eye look with a darker shade towards the outer and inner corners and a lighter shade in the center of the lids.




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