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Tennessee Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen Furious That Americans Didn’t Stand for ‘Black National Anthem’ at Super Bowl | The Gateway Pundit

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee is criticizing some Americans in the Super Bowl stands for not standing for the ‘Black National Anthem.’

Just a few years ago, Democrats made it clear that it was perfectly acceptable not to stand for the American National Anthem. What is the problem?

There were probably thousands of people in the stands who didn’t even know about each other because there is no other anthem. We only have one.

The Daily Mail reported:

Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen complains that “very few” defended the black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” during the Super Bowl performance.

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen slammed the Super Bowl crowd for not showing up during the so-called ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ Black National Anthem.

He addressed X after the game to say, “Very, very few were at the Super Bowl to hear ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing.'” The Black National Anthem. It’s not a pretty picture of the Super Bowl crowd.

The song has been performed at the last four Super Bowls and this year was sung by Grammy winner Andra Day.

Day’s song drew applause from the crowd, but many were visible in the background remaining seated during her performance.

Cohen later added: “I honor our national anthem and respect it for representing our country and for our pride in it.” However, if you look at the history and some of the verbiage, it relates to slavery and not in a questionable way.’

Imagine being a member of Congress and tweeting this.

Why are Democrats so focused on dividing Americans?

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