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Super Bowl TV Shopping? Here Are Our Favorite Picks – Video

Super Bowl TV shopping?  Here are our favorite picks

Speaker 1: Hello everyone. The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday and will feature the ER 49 against the Chiefs, but there’s still time to watch the big game on a big screen. I’ll tell you about my favorite TVs, from budget to high-end, so you can truly experience the game from the comfort of your couch. Speaker 1: So my favorite TV for the price overall is the TCL QM eight series. This excellent TV is currently on sale for around $900. For the 65 (00:00:30) inch size, it’s a really good discount. The 75 inch size is around 1300 even, there are 85 and 98 inch sizes. This TV was my best performing TV for its price overall, and the reason why is that it has great brightness and excellent picture quality, thanks to its mini LED technology. Again, I do side-by-side comparisons in the CNET TV lab. This was really, really, really good. Of course, you can spend a little more, a little less on televisions. We’ll talk a little bit about that in (00:01:00). But this TCLQMA is my pick as that perfect middle ground of, again, image quality for the money. The next one I’m going to look at is the High Sense U eight K. Speaker 1: This TV came in second place after that TCL. They both use the Google TV streaming system, which is pretty good. Both have excellent image quality for the money. So Hisense uses this mini LED technology, super bright, not as bright and dynamic as TCL, but on the other hand, there is an advantage here (00:01:30) over the UAK series. It actually comes in a 55-inch size. Yes, the TCL QM eight starts at 65 and even that 55 inch size in the tall U eight K costs around $700. Big discounts here for the Super Bowl. Now, I recommend that you get a big TV when you’re watching the big game, of course, but some people, if the only thing they can fit in their room is a 55-inch TV, might want to save a little money. This high sense UAK is excellent for the price. Speaker 1: Now, it also comes in those really big screen sizes, 65, 75, 85 inches. (00:02:00) There’s even a high-end 100-inch TV that was just released. Now, I didn’t review this one. This is the Sense U 76 N tall. This TV has full range local dimming. It doesn’t have many LEDs, but the local dimming image quality feature is really good. This is a hundred inch television. That great common sense is to bet for $2,000. Again, one of those giant screens. Not many people can fit a hundred-inch TV, but if you can, it seems like a really good price. Speaking (00:02:30) of high-end televisions, my favorite is the LGC three. Now, this TV uses OLED technology, so the LGC three will be high-end with that OLED technology, but it will also have a great picture. Right now I’m looking at a 65-inch size, again, heavily discounted for around $1,600. Speaker 1: That’s not cheap, but it is because of the excellent picture quality that the OLED TV offers. It’s a great price. So OLED gives you (00:03:00) great black levels, great brightness, and generally looks better than any LCD-based TV, including many LEDs. Of course, you’ll pay a little more for that price, but the styling is also excellent on the C3. Again, you can step up and get that great image quality. And that is my choice. You’ll also now see plenty of less expensive TVs available during Super Bowl season. I really like TVs that use the Roku TV OS. It’s a very simple smart TV system (00:03:30). And right now TCL has a Roku TV, for example, the four series that I really like. Now, there are smaller sizes in this one, $250 for a 55 inch one. The 65-inch is incredibly affordable at $380 and going up. Speaker 1: But again, if you buy a really big TV, I recommend going with something like the TCL QM eight or the High Sense U eight K. It’s really worth spending a little more to get that extra. glow. But if you just want to save money, you just want to (00:04:00) take advantage of these sales. Look for one of those Roku TVs. They are also available from several different manufacturers, not just TCL. This was a look at my favorite TVs for Super Bowl 2024 based on my hands-on reviews. There will be many other offers on many other screens. So buy carefully. Enjoy the great game.



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