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Stubb Elected President in NATO Finland, Vows ‘No Relations’ With Russia Until the End of the War | The Gateway Pundit

The leader of the center-right National Coalition Party, Alexander Stubb, has been elected the new president of Finland in a vote that marks a new era in the Nordic country, which is no longer neutral and is now a member of NATO and has a class fiercely anti-Russian policy.

Stubb won today’s election by a narrow margin (11), defeating liberal Green Party member Pekka Haavisto, who has admitted defeat.

To say that Stubb is pro-European, a strong supporter of Ukraine and someone who has taken a tough stance towards Russia is an understatement, because the same could be said of Haasvisto.

In contemporary Finnish politics there is no room for nuance when it comes to Russia.

Reuters reported:

“He was declared the winner in the second round after obtaining 51.6% of the votes, since 99.7% of the votes had been counted, compared to 48.4% for Haavisto, data from the Ministry of Justice”.

In Finland, the president has significant power as head of state, overseeing security and foreign policy.

This now includes NATO’s hardline stance toward Russia, which shares a long border with Finland.

In televised remarks, Stubb called his victory “the greatest honor” of his life.

“‘The feeling is calm, humble but of course at the same time I am very happy and grateful that Finns voted in such large numbers and that I can serve as president of the Republic of Finland,’ he said.”

“Haavisto congratulated Stubb as the 13th president of Finland. ‘I think Finland will now have a good president for the republic. Alexander Stubb is a competent and experienced person for the job. “No more babbling,” he said. “

As a new member of NATO, Stubb will replace Sauli Niinisto, nicknamed ‘The man who whispered to Putin’ for his close ties with the Russian leader.

“Stubb will have a central role in defining Finnish policies in NATO, while taking the lead in overall foreign and security policy in close cooperation with the government and acting as commander-in-chief of the armed forces.”

Last month, Stubb explained his stance on Moscow:

“Politically, there will be no relations with the president of Russia or with the Russian political leaders until they stop the war in Ukraine.”

The guardian reported:

“Stubb, 55, was born in Helsinki and has been a member of the European Parliament, a member of the Parliament of Finland, Prime Minister between 2014 and 2015 and a Minister.

Outside of politics, he has worked as vice-president of the European Investment Bank and as a professor at the EU University in Florence, and is a passionate triathlete.”

The campaign could not end without some complaints from the losing side:

“Haavisto, who aims to be the country’s first green and gay president, questioned why his sexuality had been in the spotlight in recent days.

(…) In addition to the public debate about Haavisto’s sexuality, nuclear weapons were also a central topic.

While Stubb is in favor of allowing the transport of nuclear weapons through the country, Haavisto, who previously worked as a UN peace negotiator, wants to maintain the ban on nuclear weapons in Finland.”

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