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Stephen Colbert on the Super Bowl: ‘The real winners were CBS ad sales’ | Late-night TV roundup

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert took the stage for a special live post-Super Bowl Late Show, a “super super post-game monologue,” as he put it, to digest the many, many sporting and pop culture happenings during one of the biggest games. NFL longs. in History.

“For the second time in Super Bowl history, we went to extra innings,” he joked. “So I think we all know that the real winners were CBS’ advertising sales.”

In case you missed it, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, in overtime. “Something good finally happened to Taylor Swift!” Colbert remained impassive. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, emerged victorious; Before the game, Colbert noted, he was “dressed like a shiny garbage bag.”

Also before the game, the Department of Homeland Security showed off a pile of counterfeit merchandise they had seized. “Which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to getting a t-shirt celebrating ‘Super Bowel Champs the Canvas City Chorfs!’” Colbert joked.

It was a low-scoring first half: At one point, the Chiefs seemed close to scoring their first touchdown, only to fumble the ball. Kelce was caught on camera yelling at his coach Andy Reid, which Colbert lip-read as “you’re embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend, my God!”

The NFL prevented many shots from Swift during the game, but at one point caught her drinking beer. “Have fun, Taylor, but make sure you have a designated driver for your private jet,” Colbert said.

The NFL tweeted an image of the moment with the word “icon.” “If that’s what makes you an icon, then my Aunt Rita is addicted to icons,” Colbert joked.

The presenter also referred to Jesus’ “He Gets Us” ad campaign. “And I think ‘He Gets Us’ is so appropriate, because we all remember that quote from the Sermon on the Mount: ‘I’ll get you, I’ll get you if it’s the last thing I do,’” he joked. .

As for the halftime show, in which Usher went shirtless: “bare nipples at the Super Bowl halftime show? CBS is back, baby! Colbert joked.

In other pop culture news, Verizon released an ad featuring Beyoncé and then announced a country-themed Renaissance Part II album that will be released on March 29. “That’s amazing,” Colbert said. “I can’t wait for the album to come out, I’m a huge fan, but I have to say: announcing your album during the Super Bowl has a real ‘get engaged at your sister’s baby shower’ energy.”

In the end, one in four Americans bet on the game. “To which Americans responded: ‘One in four? I like those odds, where’s the ATM?!” Colbert joked.

The game featured many gambling-related ads, including one from BetMGM, the casino’s gambling partner, starring Tom Brady. “You know, after his cryptocurrency announcement, you have to respect Tom’s dedication to helping your uncle lose the rest of his money,” Colbert joked.



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