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Sister Wives: Christine Plugs David in for New Season 19

sister wives star Christina Brown She knows that the fans want more from her and David Woolley in season 19, which is now filming for TLC. So David had to navigate his newfound fame pretty quickly. Despite that, he is totally on board and willing to go wherever his new girlfriend takes him. And Christine has him on screen with her for the new season premiering next.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throws David Woolley to the Wolves

When Christine Brown told David Woolley what being her husband entails, he agreed with everything. Fans already heard the boyfriend try to explain how she knew Christine was the one for him.

Couldn’t find the words in sister wives during their wedding special. But fans got the message. He suggested that this was a magical event of fate. Today, these two fit together like a stylish pair of designer gloves.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley
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Even though his new wife explained to him what it’s like to have the sister wives camera filming your life, at first it seems like it was a culture shock for him. In a recent interview, David tells the story of his introduction to being part of the sister wives show.

David Woolley was not given much instruction on how to act and react. And he explains it jokingly by saying: “They threw me to the wolves.” He also says that he “never wanted to be in front of the camera,” but now that he is, he lets himself go.

David surprises his new wife

One of the reasons why the sister wives Fans hugging David may be a little superficial to hear, but they are his eyes. Sure, viewers see those piercing blue eyes as part of his handsome appearance. But viewers also see genuine kindness behind that crystal blue color, and some fans even say he has smiling eyes.

David Woolley surprises Christine Brown with how genuine he is. David Woolley instantly became a famous face for falling in love with the sister wives celebrity. But fame is not something he has ever desired for himself.

Sister Wives: Christine Is Delighted For Fans To See David Next Season

Christine Brown knows how her fans notice things about people. Look at what they’ve been saying for years about Kody Brown having a favorite wife.

The big draw for her about having her husband on the show is that fans can see what she sees. Christine calls David Woolley “real and authentic.” She thinks this will shine for him. sister wives fans next season.

When it came to preparing for the show or a public appearance, there was no way to prepare for David, he said. Christine explains that “the magic of David is that he doesn’t require a lot of training or preparation.”

So Christine has the sister wives fans see David as she sees him. “I think he makes a very good impression just because he is himself.” That’s how she thinks fans will see him on the TLC series. But many already see it that way.

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