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Senator Chris Murphy Makes Bizarre Admission: Illegal Immigrants Are Who Democrats ‘Care About Most’


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Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) pulled back the curtain on his own party during a new interview in which he said “undocumented Americans” are the people Democrats “care about most.”

Murphy apparently stumbled upon a new term for illegal immigrants while discussing the issue with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. They are not undocumented, they are illegal and they are certainly not Americans by any definition.

Hayes began the discussion by asking Murphy what he thought about the Senate’s $118 billion foreign aid bill that was rejected by Republicans.

“This time the negotiation did not have a path to citizenship. “It was entirely on their (Republican) terms to get funding for Ukraine, right?” -Hayes asked.

Murphy called the so-called negotiations on immigration and border security “a failed move.”

“You’re right that that’s been the Democratic strategy for maybe 30 years, and it hasn’t gotten results for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans in this country,” he responded.

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Democrat admits illegal aliens are what matters most to us

By “undocumented Americans,” Senator Murphy is referring to the millions of illegal immigrants that President Joe Biden has resettled in communities across the country.

The Democrats are saying exactly what their priorities are, and it’s not the American people.

Do you need more proof besides watching videos of the border invasion almost daily? The White House announced that ICE will reduce deportations and the ability to detain illegals if the $118 billion foreign aid bill is not passed.

They are literally threatening the lives and jobs of the American people, holding them hostage, if they don’t get their funding for Ukraine. Their priorities are in Ukraine and all the illegal aliens crossing the southern border. The United States is the last.

President Biden dismantled border security as soon as he took office. He and Democrats have staunchly opposed virtually all law enforcement mechanisms. already available, such as detention and deportation.

And Biden has all the authority he needs to counter their executive actions, enforce existing U.S. laws, and end the border crisis right now. He certainly doesn’t need a bill that provides a fraction of the border funding to fix the problem he started.

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What the hell is an ‘undocumented American’, Chris Murphy?

Senator Murphy was so pleased with his new mandate that he repeated the clarion call to “rescue” “undocumented Americans” later in his interview.

“I’m of the opinion that this was a time when you had to show great bipartisan momentum and progress on the border, or you would never, ever have the ability to try to rescue undocumented Americans who desperately need help,” he told Hayes. . .

Note that there is no concern for the american people who desperately need help. No cry from the Democrats that the american people They are the ones who “care most.”

And there is certainly no bill being debated in the Senate or House that would rescue documented Americans or legal immigrants.

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