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Say ‘I Do’ In A Cheesy Way At The Cheetos Chapel In Vegas!

In addition to all the fun of soccer in Las Vegas This weekend, there’s also some cheesy goodness waiting for couples who are ready to dedicate their lives to each other in a hot way!

During the countdown to Super Bowl LVIII, Frito Lay offers a fun spin on getting married in Sin City.

This is your average “Nacho” wedding ceremony!

Courtesy of Frito Lay

Frito-Lay is turning up the flavor of your average Las Vegas chapel wedding and livening it up for anyone willing to have a unique ceremony during Super Bowl weekend.

Fans visiting Las Vegas this weekend will not only be able to enjoy fun Frito-Lay-inspired challenges and activations, but they will also be able to say “I do” in a way that Chester Cheetah would fully support.

The Cheetos-themed wedding chapel, “the chapel of mischief and marriage,” located on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, New York Hotel & Casino on The Strip, is the perfect place to start the rest of your lives together in a way We will never stop talking.

Cheetos Chapel
Courtesy of Frito-Lay

And get this: a hologram of Chester will even do the honor of greeting and marrying couples, and there are Chester-inspired wedding outfits to look dapper at your big moment. Plus, couples can enjoy a Cheetos-inspired cake ball truffle as a gift after the ceremony.

Imagine the incredible wedding photographs you will have to show off after this unique experience. (Don’t forget to say “CHEESE” loudly and proudly.) And this wedding story will never go out of style.

This one, like Cheetos, has an expiration date. As a limited time experience, you will only be able to enjoy this unique wedding ceremony this weekend: Friday, February 9 from 11am to 9pm PT, Saturday, February 10 from 11am to 9pm PT, and Sunday, February 11. hours to be determined.

Cheetos Chapel
Courtesy of Frito-Lay

There are other Frito-Lay Chip Strip activities to enjoy this weekend if you’re not ready to get married with Cheetos dust covering your hands.

Take a ride in the Flamin’ Hot Limo, take the flavor battle to new heights with a Doritos Dynamite Flavor Duel competing with oversized Dynamite foam sticks, try your luck at the Frito-Lay Snackpot with prizes ranging from gifts to a Toyota 2024. Tacoma TRD Pro and enjoy Lay’s Spudsbar, where you can try some tailgate favorites with a Lay’s twist, including Lay’s-inspired snacks and Pepsi drinks.

Frito-Lay employees plan to say “I do” at Cheetos Chapel on Saturday!

Cheetos Chapel
Courtesy of Frito-Lay

According to PEOPLE, two Frito-Lay employees plan to marry Chester Cheetah on Saturday.

Yuri Ahn, key account manager, and Justin Aguilera, Frito-Lay regional sales manager, met in September 2019 while both working on a Frito-Lay project in San Francisco. The two bonded, started dating, and are now ready to say “I do.” And what better way to start this new Frito-Lay-inspired journey than with a Cheetos Chapel wedding?

While orange is not the typical choice for a wedding, Aguilera and Ahn feel it is perfect since it is the groom’s favorite color. And we know Chester Cheetah approves!

Congratulations to anyone who exchanges rings for Ruffles, says “I do” at a traditional nacho chapel in Las Vegas, or goes all out with orange-inspired wedding photos. (Okay, okay, we’re done with the cheesy puns.)



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