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Russians show its damaged T-90M after drone attacks

Russian state media recently showed footage of a T-90M tank damaged following Ukrainian first-person view (FPV) drone attacks.

Video footage revealed the extent of the damage caused to the tank, which suffered a direct hit from the Ukrainian FPV kamikaze drone.

The images show the T-90M tank with visible damage, particularly to its protective elements. Additional images highlighted the impact area on the tank’s upper metal screen, commonly known as the “cover cage,” which appeared to have an additional layer of Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor (ERA) bricks on top.


As a result of the drone attack, some of the ERA protective blocks detonated, resulting in deformation of the protective hood and damage to the rear of the tank turret. However, Russian journalists noted that the tank remained intact despite the attack.

It was separately noted that the damaged tank was evacuated from the battlefield for repair.

Russian tanks often face challenges on the battlefield and become victims of numerous Ukrainian anti-tank weapons, including kamikaze drones and ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles).



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