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REPORT: Squatters Have Taken Over 1,200 Homes in Atlanta, Georgia – Transformed One Into an Illegal Strip Club | The Gateway Pundit

Squatters have taken over more than 1,200 homes in Atlanta, Georgia, and are terrorizing neighbors with loud parties. One house was even converted into an illegal strip club.

This is a symptom of the lawlessness that has gripped the country in recent years and, to make matters worse, the laws often favor squatters, making it extremely difficult for homeowners to get rid of them.

If this is allowed to continue, the problem will only get worse as it spreads.

PJ Media reports:

Democratic paradise: Squatters occupy 1,200 homes in Atlanta and open a strip club

In the latest episode of Democrat Urban Utopia, squatters are reportedly taking over hundreds of homes in Atlanta, terrorizing neighbors and even opening an illegal strip club.

The police response to evict squatters is so delayed that some desperate homeowners have even bribed squatters to leave, according to the New York Post. Entire neighborhoods have been ruined by the horde of squatters. Matt Urbanski, manager of a local home cleaning company, emphasized the severity of the crisis, saying, “In Atlanta I would be too afraid to rent one of my properties.”

He should know, since he cleans houses for “corporate owners,” according to the Post. Not only does Urbanski have to remove the squatters’ belongings, but one of his employees was also shot after his recent attempt to remove the squatters from private property.

Crime is a serious problem in Democratic-governed Atlanta, which saw record homicides in 2021. While violent crime reportedly decreased in Atlanta in 2023, car thefts skyrocketed. PJ Media’s Chris Queen, a lifelong metro Atlanta resident, noted that Democratic soft-on-crime policies are likely contributing to the squatter crisis.

“Certain parts of metro Atlanta, the areas under full Democratic control, are looking the other way when it comes to crime, so it’s no surprise that criminals are becoming bolder and more creative,” Queen said.

Is this supposed to be part of the Democrats’ “equity” agenda?

This could end badly very quickly. Atlanta authorities would do well to take care of this before people start taking matters into their own hands.

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