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RealReports raises $2 million in seed funding | Black Kite Express

prop technology company Real reportsformerly known as BHRhas successfully raised $2 million in seed funding. TV Capital, Modern companies, Erez Capital and other venture capital companies led the investment round.

With this capital injection, the company aims to accelerate its product development, grow its team and seek market penetration with real estate brokerages, MLS associations and other proptech companies nationwide.

“We are thrilled to have such committed and helpful investors joining us in this round, and we are more confident than ever in our path forward,” James Rogers, co-founder and CEO of RealReports, said in a statement.

RealReports is a real estate platform that collects property data, from climate risk to valuation, in one place. It pulls information from over 30 data providers and also features an AI-powered assistant, Aiden, who can answer questions about a property. The product is marketed to real estate agents to help them build trust and credibility with their clients, the press release states.

In an environment where agents are increasingly under scrutiny, having a clear understanding of data trends is a competitive advantage for real estate professionals.

RealReports also announced a partnership with Thud, an AI-powered home analytics platform, last November. This collaboration made property research, comprehensive valuation and remodeling information available in one place.



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