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Pediatrician Offers Tips for a Happy & Healthy Academic Year

Whether you’re preparing for your child’s first day or you’ve been through it before, the transition from summer vacation to school can be difficult!

To help parents plan, Erum Kazim, MD, pediatrician at Dignity Health Medical Group (Merced), offers tips to consider as part of the back-to-school preparation process for a happy and healthy academic year.

Annual check up: An annual physical exam allows you and your child to discover and discuss current and potential health problems with your pediatrician. Your child’s wellness exam also includes a cursory vision and hearing exam.

Vaccines: A series of vaccines is required before kindergarten and several for adolescents and young adults. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider to make sure your child is up to date on all vaccines, including the flu shot.

Medicines: Children who take medication regularly must bring a completed authorization form to school. These forms can often be signed by your pediatrician during your annual checkup.

Sports physique: We recommend completing a sports physical six weeks before the season begins to allow for follow-up if a health issue is identified. This exam includes a check of the heart, lungs, muscles, and bones, which is more comprehensive than an annual checkup.

Find a Pediatrician: If you don’t have a pediatrician or family medicine provider, find one near you using our “Find a Doctor” tool.



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