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Pay Off Debt, Invest in Real Estate, or…Buy Vending Machines? | Black Kite Express

And if one part time Second job could replace all your income? Even better, what if you could keep your full-time job and spend a few hours a week earning thousands more a monthraise cash and reach Financial Freedom faster? If you are today’s guest, ryanSo this is the situation you find yourself in. I don’t know which one super lucrative side hustle are we talking about? Stick around because you may have never thought about it before.

Ryan works full time as a registered nurse. in one of the most expensive areas of the country, Northern California. He has made some clever monetary moves that allowed him quadruples its income in just four years and live almost for free every month in your own home. But, with a Baby on the way, Ryan’s lucrative house-hacking lifestyle may be coming to an end, and he’s debating what to do next. should he pay off student loans, buy another house for his new family, stay in your current propertyeither expand your successful side business?

The good thing is that any of these moves could make Ryan rich, but he will have little time with a work schedule of sixty hours per week and a newborn who requires constant attention. So what is the best monetary decision for your future family? And should I go all in on this? wild hustle Could that make you even more than your job?

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In this episode we cover

  • ryan Incredibly profitable side hustle that almost anyone can start NOW
  • Hack a house 101 and how to live without mortgages every month
  • When pay the debt Has no sense (and what you should do with the money instead)
  • Invest in real estate vs. your side hustle and why mortgage rates have changed the game
  • Buying businesses from retired baby boomers and the HUGE opportunities that exist
  • How Ryan Quadrupled His Salary in Just Four Years (Without Burning Out!)
  • AND So Much more!

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