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North West Features in New Kanye Song, Music Video

Why is North West in a Kanye West music video?

Late last year, Kanye West threatened to release new music even though his anti-Semitic rants have alienated major record labels and millions of former fans.

But he just released a new song and music video. And her daughter North is the guest star.

Kim Kardashian seems to approve, dividing fans. Is she ignoring Ye Ella’s many bad actions or is she simply being a supportive mother in bad circumstances?

North West prepares food in her mother's spacious, eerie minimalist kitchen.
In The Kardashians S04E06, North West prepares food in her mother’s spacious, eerie minimalist kitchen. (Image credit: Hulu)

North West appears in her father’s music video.

10-year-old North West (who turns 11 later this spring) made her debut in Kanye West’s song and music video, “Talking/Once Again.”

The song is already a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, who many may know for his participation on Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home.” Ye released the song and music video on Wednesday, February 7.

“I love it here / We’re taking over the year for another year / It’s your best friend, miss, miss Westie,” North depicts during the video. “Don’t try to test me / It’s going to get complicated / Just bless me.”

Kanye West with a mask on his head in January 2024.
Charlie Wilson and Kanye West attend the ceremony as Charlie Wilson is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 29, 2024. (Photo credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

As for the music video itself, which you can watch below, North braids her hair.

The music video also showed North whispering in her father’s ear.

Another moment shows North sitting on Kanye’s shoulders, the two of them staring at the camera with an unsettling intensity.

Kim Kardashian and North West watch a sports game.
Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West attend the Western Conference Semifinal game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors at Arena on May 12, 2023. (Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Kanye West hopes people watch his music video

He chose not only to post the video on YouTube, but also to share the footage on social media.

By Thursday morning he had won thousands of tastes on YouTube and a couple million on his personal Instagram page.

“TALKING / ONCE MORE Directed by D’INNOCENZO BROTHERS,” Ye wrote in the caption. “Cinematography BY MATTEO COCCO.”

Yes, Kanye West has a new song. But anyone curious enough to see it has to compare that to knowing that he is supporting a very bad man. The world is complex and view counting is a form of voting.

The single is from Kanye’s upcoming album, vultures. The album comes out on Friday, February 9.

vultures will include a series of collaborations. In case anyone was wondering if Ye had developed any sort of moral judgment in recent months, one of the collaborations is with Chris Brown. That’s not a new anti-Semitic tirade, but it’s not moral progress either.

Many critics feel that collaborating with a notorious bastard is bad, but it’s no surprise. Not after Kanye shelled out thousands of dollars to known white supremacists in recent years. Nobody expects good things from him.

North West hears a question from a producer: can her mom cook?
In spring 2023, North West hears a question from a producer: can her mother cook? (Image credit: Hulu)

How does Kim Kardashian feel about North West appearing in Kanye’s song and music video?

“Miss Westie,” Kim Kardashian wrote on her own Instagram Story alongside a now-deleted clip of North from the music video.

Previously, Ye had teased North’s involvement in planning the video, referring to her as “her best friend, Ms. Westie.” However, you wrote it all in capital letters.

At that point, a number of moments and images that he and North clearly considered did not appear in the video. Many ideas never see the light of day; That happens with any form of art.

Kanye West attends the premiere of an extreme right
Kanye West attends the premiere of “The Biggest Lie Ever Sold” on October 12, 2022. (Photo credit: Jason Davis/Getty Images for DailyWire+)

An inside source spoke with The US Sun about Kim Kardashian’s feelings regarding North West’s involvement in her disgraced father’s music.

“Kim has been very supportive of North getting involved with her dad’s new music,” a source reported, “and was totally fine with her recording a video with him this week.”

The source added, “Kim even showed up to the shoot at her Calabasas office before heading to Nobu with Ye, North and her little friends who are also in the promotion.”

Kim Kardashian and North West in April 2023.
Kim Kardashian and North West speak on stage during the 7th Annual Daily Front Row Los Angeles Fashion Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 23, 2023. (Photo credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Daily Front Row)

“North had planned it all with her dad and created her own storyboard,” the source detailed. We saw it a lot on social networks.

“And,” the source noted, “Kim knows how much he loves being involved in the creative process.”

North has a lively personality and a lot of creativity. Despite… many concerns about her choices, it’s good that Kim and Ye are fostering her passions and encouraging her.



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