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My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Did Whitney Thore Lose More Weight?

Whitney Thore of My big fabulous life reveals if you have lost more weight. Fans congratulate his figure. But she doesn’t feel praise is necessary.

My Big Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore Didn’t Lose Any More Weight

Whitney Thore doesn’t shy away when asked about her health and weight. She is open about her journey and the struggles she has gone through over the years. When she has an update to share, she will tell her fans. And, when she hasn’t seen any changes, she doesn’t mention anything.

However the My big fabulous life The cast member has been seeing a lot of messages from fans saying that he seems to have lost a lot of weight. One person says she looks “slimmer” than she did during her trip to Switzerland. Another person thinks that she looks like she has lost a lot of weight since her appearance last season.

Many people wonder how Whitney is losing weight. A person asks if she had weight loss surgery. Another person asks: “What is your secret?” A person also believes that they are receiving help to lose weight. However, it seems that she has no secrets and has not lost weight.

My Big Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore
TLC’s Whitney Thore | instagram

Whitney explains the story of weight loss

Whitney recently cleared up any speculation that she would undergo weight loss surgery to lose weight. She says she did not receive any “medical intervention” to lose weight. She also adds that she hasn’t lost weight lately.

He My big fabulous life The reality star explains that in 2015, during the first season of her show, she weighed 385 pounds. In 2018, she had lost 50 pounds. And when her mother became ill and passed away, she lost another 50 pounds.

Whitney now weighs 285 pounds and has been at that weight for almost a year. She adds that this is the second time she has lost 100 pounds in her life. But losing weight is not a priority for her right now.

My Big Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore
My Big Fabulous Life | instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Celebrity Wants Comments to Stop

Whitney Thore feels she is still “very fat.” She has never been the one to focus on the number on the scale. She’s always been about how she feels about herself rather than how much she weighs. However, people still feel the need to comment on her body.

However the My big fabulous life Her co-star thanks fans for their compliments about her weight. But she doesn’t like to obsess over her body. She doesn’t like other people doing it either. So, as much as fans try to be nice, it’s best they don’t comment on her weight or body.

Whitney finds these comments frustrating because she weighs the same as she did during her trip to Switzerland. However, she says, “No one was scared then.” So she doesn’t understand why people bring it up now. She also doesn’t know why people feel the need to call her “thin” when she knows she isn’t.

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