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Key Strategies To Cultivate Mindful Responses In Stressful Situations | Black Kite Express

No one can predict the future of real estate, but you can prepare. Find out what to prepare for and pick up the tools you’ll need in Internal virtual connection from November 1 to 2, 2023. And don’t miss Inman Connect New York from January 23 to 25, 2024, where AI, capital and more will take center stage. Bet big on the future and join us at Connect.

Inman Access classes offer an excellent opportunity to stay up to date with the latest industry developments. Accessible from any device and at any time, they allow real estate professionals to expand their knowledge and maintain a competitive advantage.

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In the real estate sector, encountering stressful situations is inevitable. In today’s Inman Access class featuring Melanie Klein and Emily Bossert, we’ll delve into how to maintain composure in challenging situations. With the mindfulness techniques they discuss, you’ll learn to focus on creative, conscious responses to different scenarios, rather than simply reacting.

Adopting the simple but effective tools discussed in this class will help you maintain your professional reputation and increase your long-term success. With Inman Access, you will not only be able to immerse yourself in this class, but you will also have a complete library of educational videos to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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