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Kaytranada: Timeless review – guaranteed to make you move | Music

cCanadian producer and DJ Kaytranada has spent the last decade perfecting the art of bouncing. Since his dancefloor-centric reworking of Janet Jackson’s 1993 song If went viral in 2013, Kaytranada (real name Louis Celestin) has released three albums characterized by rhythmic swing that lands between beats to produce an infectious swagger. .

Following 2023’s funk-driven collaborative record with rapper Aminé, Celestin’s latest solo album is a 21-track odyssey through the cornerstones of his club-ready style. Almost every song features a guest, from singer Tinashe to bassist Thundercat, but rather than overwhelming Celestin’s sound, her collaborators find space within her productions. Rapper Channel Tres weaves his baritone growl amid bass-shaking breakbeats on Drip Sweat, for example, while singer Charlotte Day Wilson soars soulfully over Celestin’s chopped-up melodic samples on Still.

With so many tracks, the album can seem overstuffed, especially with several tonally similar R&B tunes. However, the highlights ultimately outweigh the filler. On Dance Dance Dance Dance Celestin reaches the peak of her swing, interspersing trumpet fanfares with piano touches to create a modern house classic guaranteed to make you move.



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