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Kanye West’s Wife Bares It All In Provocative See-Through Raincoat

Bianca Censors confidently rocked a daring ensemble while accompanying her husband, Kanye West, on a public outing. She went with West to a studio session in Los Angeles, but drew attention when she exposed him under a see-through raincoat.

The couple were recently embroiled in controversy after reports emerged suggesting West had banned her from using social media to “protect” her. The rapper came under fire when her friends criticized him for her “creepy” plan to isolate him from her.

Bianca Censori fought to protect her modesty

The 29-year-old Australian architect made a stylish appearance while accompanying her husband to a studio session in Los Angeles on Monday.

Censori left little to the imagination, as she wore absolutely nothing underneath her sheer cape. The mark on her coat helped hide part of her chest, but he still struggled to protect her modesty by covering her feminine parts with his hand.

She showed off her bare derriere in the coat and completed the racy look with a knee-high black leather boot.

Unlike his wife, West stayed modest in an oversized khaki poncho and black rain boots. He was wearing a black blouse and sweatpants under his coat, a mask over his face, and thick leather gloves on his hands. The couple held hands firmly as they walked together.

Censori’s outfit has received severe backlash online, with many criticizing the model for wearing an outfit that shows so much skin.

Kanye West shares a daring photo of his wife


It comes after the “Bound 2” hitmaker set the internet on fire by unveiling a promotional masterpiece with Censori in a riveting video campaign for his Yeezy brand.

The scantily clad video shows her in a see-through bodysuit and fluffy white boots, while surrounded by a legion of clones. She was standing in the middle, surrounded by duplicates of her, all sporting the same outfit as hers.

West shared the video after deleting his Instagram account at the time, leaving only two of his Instagram Stories posts of a model and his wife wearing a shirt from his clothing line.

He had previously faced criticism for posting racy images of his wife, and Censori’s friends believe he is trying to model her after his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye is just disgusting and clearly has no respect for his wife for humiliating her like this,” a source told the newspaper. daily mail. “It is hugely worrying for his friends. “They find it absolutely disgusting and a little abusive that he is using her to promote his new music.”

“It clearly wasn’t Bianca’s idea to wear the most risque and sexually inappropriate things she could find and post photos of her wearing them,” the source continued.

“She’s trying to turn her into Kim, and it’s very worrying. “It is alarming that she agreed to do this and, once again, she is not responding to anyone,” she added.

Kanye West banned Censori from using social media

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According to the daily mail, The rapper reportedly banned Censori from using social media in a bid to protect her.

Insiders claim that the rapper is trying to protect her from negative comments on the Internet. Still, her friends are skeptical and describe it as part of her “creepy” plan to further isolate her and continue her “controlling” behavior.

The source who spoke to the media outlet noted that Censori had always had social media and was active on it until she met rapper “Donda,” but that has apparently changed since her husband “doesn’t want her to have it because he thinks that it would hurt him if he had to read the nasty things people say.”

“He convinced her that since she’s a star now, she has to remain a mystery, and it’s creepy to those who know her because it feels like another form of control,” the insider added.

Bianca Censori’s Friends Think She’s ‘Stuck’ in Her Marriage to Kanye West

Kanye West calls wife Bianca Censori the 'most amazing stepmom' with '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

After banning her from social media, the “Donda” rapper continued to share racy images of her, surprising Censori’s friends, who questioned her motives and expressed concern about the control of her public image.

A source who spoke to the media outlet said: “He is pushing his nudity all over his (account) so he can control his narrative. He is disturbing and by isolating her from the world, he is causing her to become more and more isolated.”

“This strong Bianca who was no longer going to deal with her s— has apparently disappeared once again,” they noted.

“She wears what he wants, goes where he wants and does what he wants because she really has no other choice. She went from being his designer to his wife, which unfortunately is not a paid position. She is trapped.”



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