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Jon Voight Condemns ‘Hamas Holocaust’ – ‘Israel Will Stand Tall’

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight, long known as one of Hollywood’s only conservative stars, speaks out this week to defend Israel and condemn what he describes as the “Hamas Holocaust.”

‘Israel, I love you’

Voight took to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday to post a lengthy video that he simply captioned, “Israel, we love you.”

“Israel, I love you. Israel will defend the land of its sacred ground. These sick beings have been evil since birth. They are trained to destroy,” Voight, 84, said in the video. “The power of God, together with the Israeli army, will put an end to this destruction and the power of this evil. It will be destroyed once and for all so that the Jewish people can be in peace and live in safety, to live life. L’Jaim.

“Let me assure you, by the almighty power of God and the power of Moses, who once stood in the time of evil forces, that this is the Holocaust,” he continued. “It is the horror that the Jews of Auschwitz witnessed, and I have come now to warn the wicked that God will show truths again. He will win this war for his people, like when Moses was able to lift the Red Sea. He will rid these vermin once and for all, and we the people will rise up and fight for our loved ones, the lost and the living.”

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‘The world mourns with you, Israel’

Not stopping there, Voight proceeded to double down.

“And we must remember that God will light the candle for all of God’s children: the Ten Commandments, the laws of life, the truths of justice. The memory of this Hamas Holocaust will haunt everyone, but we will heal,” he stated. “We will make sure this never happens again.”

“In the name of Moses, I declare justice for all,” Voight concluded. “The world mourns with you, Israel, and the United States is with you. And like Moses said, let our people go. Much love to you Israel. Lots of love.”

Watch Voight’s full comments on this in the video below.

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Voight presents program in Israel

Voight has been an outspoken supporter of Israel long before these devastating attacks. Last year he filmed the ten-episode series “The Land of Israel with Jon Voight: The Story of God,” which he hosted for Newsmax.

“The Academy Award-winning actor takes viewers through the Holy Land and the biblical stories of Abraham, Samson, David and Goliath, ending at the Western Wall,” reads the IMDB description of this series .

“What we want to do is trace the beginnings (of history) and come here and show people the places where these events happened and (give them) an idea of ​​the personalities of the patriarchs and all the chosen people who have brought us this time,” Voight told the Jerusalem Post during filming.

That series premiered on the Newsmax YouTube channel last month. Watch episode one in the video below.

As of this writing, the death toll in Israel has risen to more than 2,500, including 27 Americans, according to Yahoo News. We applaud Voight for supporting Israelis in their time of need, and we hope more celebrities do the same!

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