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Is Drake To Blame For Bobbi Althoff’s Divorce After 3 Years?

fans of Bobbi Althoff they’ve been pointing fingers Duck as the reason why her husband recently filed for divorce. But does Drake really have anything to do with this?

Many have noted that the temporary coincidence of her ex-husband, Cory Althoff, cited that the two broke up around the same time Bobbi posted her viral interview with Drake. The same interview she suddenly disappeared from the internet without a trace, further fueling that mentality.

Does Drake have anything to do with Bobbi Althoff’s divorce?

Bobbi Althoff – Instagram

Shortly after Bobbi’s interview with Drake was shared on social media, it vanished into thin air. Neither Bobbi nor Drake ever spoke about why the video was removed, leaving many to speculate that something was going on between the two.

According to sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Drake wasn’t a big fan of Bobbi, 26, towards the end of last summer. They said the two continued texting after the interview and Drake invited her to her Los Angeles concert in August, where she was only granted general admission and that upset her. Bobbi felt like she deserved to be in the VIP section and made it known in a video she shared on TikTok of her pout at the concert. That video has since been deleted from her social media pages.

Bobbi Althoff – Instagram

Then the viral interview also disappeared, shocking and confusing many. Bobbi or Drake never gave any explanation and fans were left wondering if it was all a publicity stunt of some kind or a real fight that occurred. Sources also said that it was Drake’s camp that demanded Bobbi remove the viral interview and then their friendship ended.

The source also shared what caused Bobbi’s husband to finally file for divorce and it has nothing to do with Drake or the cheating allegations. It seems that Bobbi’s rapid rise to fame may have had something, or everything, to do with the couple’s split.

Bobbi Althoff broke her silence on her divorce on social media

Bobbi Althoff
Bobbi Althoff – Instagram

Bobbi took to Instagram and TikTok on Wednesday to break her silence about the divorce and shared a photo of the couple.

As most of you may have heard, Cory and I have filed for divorce. As sad as I am now, I am so grateful for the time I had to be his wife. “Our daughters are very lucky to have him as a father and I am very lucky to be able to co-parent with such an incredible father and person,” her caption reads.

“Even though our relationship as husband and wife didn’t work out, we will always be friends and I will always love him.”

Bobbi turned off comments on her Instagram post, but her TikTok post received many.

“What did Drake do?” one person asked. Another added: “Celebrity status always ruins the best things in life🥺🥺.”

Another fan shared: “Unfortunately, it seems like a common thing among influencers. My best guess is that the spouse doesn’t want that life and the influencer does.”

Cory, 34, filed for divorce Wednesday, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The indicated date of separation was July 4, 2023, three years and five months after they got married. She requests joint physical and legal custody of her children, her daughters Isla, 19 months, and Luca, 3.

Keke Palmer recently asked Bobbi Althoff if she is an “industrial plant”

Bobbi Althoff
Bobbi Althoff – Instagram

Bobbi’s rise to fame was rapid, leading some to question whether she was an “industrial plant.”

For anyone unsure what that means, Urban Dictionary defines “industrial plant” as “an artist who has a major/indie label backing their movement but presents themselves as a ‘local start-up’ label to create a label.” pseudo organic. following. They act like miraculous things are happening to them based on their talent (through blog coverage, media coverage, MTV playing their videos, etc.). The reality is a low risk, high reward situation for labels looking to build the next ‘new star’. .’”

Keke Palmer seen outside the Today Show this morning in New York City

When Keke Palmer recently sat down with Bobbi, the topic of being an “industrial plant” entered the chat. The actress asked Bobbi if she was, and Bobbi responded by saying, “I am,” in her familiar interview tone. After that response, Palmer shared that his rise to fame feels a little “jilted.” Palmer also said, “You got here in five minutes. “It took me 20 years.”

Bobbi launched “The Really Good Podcast” in early 2023 and her fan base increased relatively quickly after landing the interview with Drake out of nowhere. After Drake’s viral interview, Bobbi interviewed many other big names and continues to do so.



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