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Hulu’s ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ reveals real-world origins

The period drama series, adapted from the best-selling novel by Georgia Hunter. We were the lucky ones arrives March 28 on Hulu.

Based on the true story of Hunter’s own family, the series follows a Polish Jewish family torn apart by the Holocaust. Separated between nations (even continents), they will fight to find their way back to each other. The eight-episode limited series features an extensive cast, including familiar faces like Joey King and Logan Lerman.

That We were the lucky ones about?

Lior Ashkenazi and Robin Weigert "We were the lucky ones."

Lior Ashkenazi and Robin Weigert in “We Were the Lucky Ones.”
Credit: Hulu

The heart of We were the lucky ones They are the Kurcs, a Jewish family living in Radom, Poland. At the beginning of the series, they are wealthy and very close-knit. However, Hitler’s invasion of Poland and the beginning of World War II separate them from each other, forcing them to endure grave horrors and hardships throughout the war and the Holocaust.

Lerman’s character, Addy, a songwriter, is based on Hunter’s own grandfather. She didn’t learn of her Holocaust story until a year after her death, when she was 15, Hunter told members of the Television Critics Association (TCA) during a panel. From there, she knew she had to tell her story and the story of her extended family during that time.

The story of the Hunter family resonated with the stars of the We were the lucky ones also. Lerman told TCA members how Addy’s journey from country to country, ending up in South America, mirrored her own family’s forced displacement from Europe. In the case of Lerman’s family, they eventually settled in China.

“I haven’t seen this angle (of the Holocaust),” Lerman said of the show’s joint narration. And he added: “You can get something out of each person’s story.”

Joey King and Logan Lerman lead We were the lucky ones large cast.

Amit Rahav as Jakob in "We were the lucky ones."

Amit Rahav as Jakob in “We Were the Lucky Ones.”
Credit: Hulu

joey king (The Law, Bullet Train) and Logan Lerman (The Perks of Being an Outcast, Hunters) plays sisters Halina and Addy Kurc in We were the lucky ones. They are joined in the Kurc family by Hadas Yaron (Felix and Meira), Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Archie), Amit Rahav (Heterodox), Sam Woolf (The Wizard), Michael Aloni (Out in the dark), Moran Rosenblatt (hit and run), Eva Feiler (The crown), Lior Ashkenazi (Golda), and Robin Weigert (old thing).

“We were looking to create a family,” showrunner Erica Lipez said of the casting process. “All we wanted was to find people who were willing to participate in the project and who felt compelled to do so.”

Lipez (JuliaThe morning program) also serves as executive producer on We were the lucky onestogether with Thomas Kail (Fosse/Verdon) and Jennifer Todd (Memory). The episodes are directed by Kail, Neasa Hardiman (The power), and Amit Gupta (Its dark materials).

We were the lucky ones premieres March 28 on Hulu.



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