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Hair loss – the ‘fall out’ of Ozempic? This new treatment can help

A leading hair doctor launches CALECIM hair restoration to address a growing number of patients reporting increased hair loss due to the use of Ozempic.

In middle age, hair quality changes and hair loss often occurs, but now that many of us are taking Ozempic, this midlife challenge is being exacerbated.

Leading hair expert Dr. Munir has reported an increase in the number of women experiencing sudden hair loss that they relate to the use of Ozempic. With this in mind, Munir has turned to CALECIM, known in medical circles for its unique ability to stop hair loss with its cocktail of high-tech growth factors that boost hair growth.

its lesser-known side effect of inducing hair loss and scalp inflammation poses a major problem

Their new CALECIM Hair Restoration treatment effectively targets acute hair loss apparently caused by taking this popular weight loss drug.

While the drug’s popularity is due to its effectiveness in causing weight loss, its lesser-known side effect of inducing hair loss and scalp inflammation poses a major problem. This is because Ozempic disrupts the body’s natural hormonal balance, redirecting resources away from the hair follicles and into a resting state.

Reduced calorie intake can lead to deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals essential for hair health. Known as telogen effluvium, this condition is a response to stress or sudden changes in your body. Without immediate intervention, it could lead to significant or permanent hair loss.

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Treatment for hair loss

Dr. Munir has seen that he can improve this type of shock removal with the CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System, as it intelligently harnesses the power of dynamic stem cell signaling technology.

The innovative phenomenon occurs when stem cell extracts manage to send “cellular messages” to the cells of the hair follicle, stimulating growth and creating a healthier environment for thicker, shinier and more resistant hair to grow.

“I am a fan of CALECIM® because the product contains growth factors that can activate your own stem cells within the hair follicle,” explains Dr. Munir Somji.

‘Cellular messages are derived from umbilical stem cell extract, the main ingredient in CALECIM®, which sends signals to your own stem cells to decrease anti-inflammatory signals and accelerate follicular cell growth.

“This allows me to deliver truly transformative results to my clients that can promote new hair growth and minimize scalp inflammation.”

For all those suffering from Ozempic hair loss or mid-life hair loss, I couldn’t recommend anything else.

Many respected doctors have been duly impressed by clinically validated results showing a 24 percent increase in hair follicle cell growth and a 30-fold reduction in inflammation. signals within the hair follicle (a major contributor to hair cell follicle death).

Has been Clinically proven that stem cell-derived growth factors are capable of revitalizing inactive and sluggish hair follicles, such as those seen when taking Ozempic.

After seeing Munir in person for this innovative treatment and committing to using CALECIM Professional at home for six weeks, I can confidently say that my hair is significantly stronger, thicker and healthier.

My scalp has also benefited from using CALECIM, which results from the anti-inflammatory benefits this clever product has.

For anyone suffering from Ozempic hair loss or mid-life hair loss, I couldn’t recommend anything more – the price is £315, but hair loss is emotional and this is a luxury that will remain firmly in my cabinet. beauty.

Calecim Professional | Advanced Hair System | £315 | Available here.

Dr. Munir Somji | DrMediSpa Clinic | Found here.

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