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Girls Band Cry anime unveils Spring 2024 premiere in first full trailer

On Friday, February 9, 2024, he saw the official website of the original. Girl band scream The anime television series debuts its first full trailer, which also revealed the series’ premiere date in Spring 2024. The trailer also confirmed the airtime of the original anime series and Japanese streaming channels in the that the series will initially premiere.

Since the anime’s starring cast, synopsis, and main staff have been previously revealed, basically all that’s left is information about the anime. Girl band scream The anime is the opening and closing musical themes. They are likely to be revealed in the coming weeks and months leading up to the premiere of the aforementioned anime in spring 2024.

He Girl band scream The anime series is an original television anime series produced by Toei Animation. The production company is probably best known in the anime industry for its work on long-running anime series such as the annual. Precure series, One pieceand classics like Dragon Ball, sailor moon, Saint Seiyaand mate.

completely original Girl band scream The anime series will premiere on Japanese television on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

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As mentioned above, the last Girl band scream The trailer for the anime confirmed the anime’s premiere date in Spring 2024. More specifically, the series will premiere in Japan on Saturday, April 6, 2024. The series will premiere at 12:30 am on April 6 and will will broadcast on Japanese broadcast channels Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto and BS11. .

Leading cast members include RINA as Nina Iseri, Yuri as Momoka Kawaragi, Mirei as Subaru Awa, Natsu as Tomo Ebizuka, and Syuri as Rupa. For RINA, Natsu, and Syuri, the series will serve as their first voice acting credits in the anime industry. Meanwhile, Mirei is credited for the role of Tane Hamanaka in the 2004 film. Mikagura Detective Agency OVA. Meanwhile, Yuri apparently has no previous credits relevant to the anime industry.

Kazuo Sakai is directing the anime at Toei Animation, with Jukki Hanada handling series composition and Nari Teshima designing the characters. Mari Kondo and Jae Hoon Jung are the CGI directors, while Kenji Tamai composes the music. Finally, Yusuke Tanaka is credited with the musical accompaniment.

As mentioned above, the series is a completely original anime, meaning there is no source material to reference for aspects of the story. However, Toei Animation describes the series as follows:

“The main character drops out of high school in her second year and aspires to enter university while working alone in Tokyo. A girl is betrayed by her friends and doesn’t know what to do. Another girl is abandoned by her parents and tries to survive in the city by doing part-time jobs. This world disappoints us all the time. Nothing goes as planned. But we want something that we can continue to like. We believe there is a place where we belong. “That’s why we sing.”

Be sure to stay up to date with all the anime, manga, movie, and live-action news as 2024 progresses.

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