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From Vegas Mode to Mom Mode | Black Kite Express

We are back! Ryan and I arrived home on Friday after three busy days in Las Vegas!

(Skirt: Revolve / Boots: Jessica Simpson / Top: Talulah / Purse: Marc Jacobs but old / Heart-shaped stockings: Amazon)

We left right before Super Bowl madness descended on the city, but it was really cool to be there before the big game because we got to see a little bit of the NFL inauguration and a lot of Chiefs and 49ers fans outside. There is an undeniable energy in Las Vegas and an undeniable energy at the Super Bowl, and I can only imagine the madness that occurred in Las Vegas over the weekend!

As I mentioned before, I joined Ryan in Las Vegas on an annual work trip to the city, which meant we had some time together but I also had some alone time while he was busy working. We made the most of every second we spent together with amazing food and drinks (Milos at the Venetian was our favorite place) and I did some shopping and a half-day spa day at the Canyon Ranch spa, which was like an amazing treat for us! me!

Ryan laughed a lot when he looked at my purchases and the only thing I bought in Vegas was a pair of sweatpants. Ha!

In my defense, they are the most incredibly luxurious sweatpants I’ve ever owned (is that an oxymoron or what?) and I may now be a Vuori superfan. I’ve ordered clothes from Ryan Vuori in the past and he’s obsessed, so I finally took the time to try on some of his stuff when I stumbled upon a store in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. His DreamKnit fabric is aptly named, I assure you.

The highlight of our trip and the main reason I flew to Las Vegas was to see U2 in concert at the Sphere with Ryan.

The concert blew us away and thanks to the stunning footage behind the band during the concert, it felt like a concert and a show in one. He may have spoiled us for all future concerts because he was that incredible.

My parents are big U2 fans and I grew up listening to their music and loved singing along to some of my favorite songs. It was nostalgic, energetic and entertaining and each member of the band is incredibly talented. There’s no denying Bono’s stage presence and he came across as incredibly genuine, confident yet self-deprecating, funny and next-level charismatic. (I did a deep dive on Bono after the concert and read all about his life, which only served to make me like him more.)

The concert had an undertone of loving others, doing the right thing, enjoying each day, and a gratitude that I found moving. It was a phenomenal show and my favorite songs of the night included “She Moves in Mysterious Ways,” “With or Without You,” “All I Want is You,” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.” We also had fun singing “Happy Birthday” to Chris Rock, who was also there to see the concert on his birthday!

We were dragging ourselves after a few nights in a row, but luckily we had a smooth flight back to Charlotte on Friday morning. Our pilot was retiring and we were on the last flight of his career with American, which was really cool because the airport fire trucks blasted our plane with fire hoses as a send-off.

When we got home on Friday afternoon, we were ready to see the kids! The way they flew into our arms after we pulled into the driveway melted me and immediately put me back into mom mode. The children had a wonderful time with my mom and knowing that they were in the care of someone we love and trust so much was a huge blessing and helped us enjoy our time away worry-free. Mae is a gift to all of us!


As for our weekend, it was pretty low-key. On Saturday, Ryan and I were still in a bit of recovery mode in Las Vegas, which was nice for the kids because they requested a “home day.” We hung out at home most of the morning, eating homemade waffles and working on Valentine’s Day and small craft projects.

After lunch, we took a family bike ride to a playground in our neighborhood and then biked to some local trails near the lake to do some exploring.

To quote Ryder after finding a turtle shell on the beach: “Nature is amazing and interesting!”

After riding my bike home, Ryan bathed the kids while I made a quick trip to the grocery store. Once we were all home and clean, we curled up on the couch and watched Homeward Bound. My friend Carrie’s kids are similar to our kids, who aren’t the bravest when it comes to movies, and when she told me that Homeward Bound was a big hit with her kids about a week ago, I knew we had to try it. I remember loving it as a kid and am happy to report that it holds up and our entire family loved it. We laugh a lot and there are no really scary parts, which also makes it suitable for our younger children. If any of you have kids who are equally wary of movies with anything remotely scary and have some recommendations for movies that aren’t at all scary to send us, we’d love it!

Sunday was a sad day, but that didn’t stop the children from spending a lot of time playing outside.

They flew out on their bikes and Nighthawks before 8am and tried using their bike ramp for their Nighthawks for the first time, which absolutely thrilled them. They flew outside for almost an hour until we told them it was time to go to church.

We headed to the church service early before driving to Target for our annual Valentine’s Day mission!

Ryan and I, when we were kids, would split up at the same time on Valentine’s Day and buy each other something special on a modest budget. We loved continuing our “Valentine’s Day Mission” tradition with our kids and they have a great time thinking about each other and thinking of fun gifts for their siblings.

This year, Rhett, Chase, and Ryan were on a team while I was on a team with Ryder! I loved hearing Ryder’s thoughts behind the gifts he chose for his brothers and he absolutely nailed it because both Chase and Rhett loved the surprises from him. The boys convinced us to let them exchange their gifts when we got home instead of waiting until Valentine’s Day. For $20 (or less) per kid, they got a Zero Gravity remote control car that moves on walls and ceilings (for Chase), a Lego helicopter + Nerf gun (for Ryder), and a Hot Wheels dragon transporter truck ( for Rhett). Great successes all around!

After playing with his presents and having lunch, Ryan took Chase to a birthday party while Rhett, Ryder, and I finished up their school Valentine’s cards and made a white chocolate snack mix to split up and include in some little gift baskets. for their teachers.

I think I ate my body weight in that snack mix after it was all set and I can confirm that it is delicious.

When Ryan and Chase returned home, we were ready for the shower, pajamas, and the big game! We dug into a very Super Bowl-style dinner (chicken wings, chips and guacamole, a tray of veggies and ice cream) and let the kids watch the start of the game before bed.

As for next week, it’s a little strange schedule-wise for our team. Chase came home after school today (teacher work day) and Rhett and Ryder don’t go to school Thursday and Friday. And of course Valentine’s Day is Wednesday! I’m hoping to get some alone time with Chase this morning and then tonight we’ll have our annual Favorite Things Galentine’s Day dinner.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!



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