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Elon Musk questions UBC hiring practices

Billionaire Elon Musk is questioning diversity and inclusion hiring practices, using the social media platform he owns to criticize a job offer from the University of British Columbia.

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX intervened in response to a posting for a research professor position at the School of Dentistry that was shared by someone mocking the fact that candidates would be restricted to those from equity-seeking groups, including women and peoples. indigenous people, at the expense of candidates who are “straight white males.

“Is this legal in Canada?” Musk asked.

Turns out it is.

The position is federally funded through the Canada Research Chair program, which, a UBC spokesperson explains, “identifies population-based targets for federally designated groups.” The Canadian Human Rights Code especially allows contracting for programs that “target historically underrepresented groups.”

Labor attorney Daniel Lublin further explained to CTV News that diversity provisions in the hiring process for this position are not only legal, but are also federally mandated.

“Mr. Musk really has no idea what he’s talking about regarding Canadian law. He has no idea at all,” he said.



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