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Elon Musk: Biden Wants Illegal Immigrants Because He’s ‘Importing As Many Votes As Possible’


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It’s no secret that the United States’ southern border is out of control. A chaos that the Biden administration has shown little interest in solving. Illegal immigrants continue to arrive.

According to billionaire businessman and legal immigrant Elon Musk, this is part of the president’s plan to import “as many votes as possible.”

Now, to be clear, non-citizens cannot vote in American elections. But don’t tell that to illegal immigrants.

They believe they can. Look:

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Musk: Biden wants illegal immigration to get as many votes as possible

While these illegal immigrants might think they can vote for Biden even though they legally cannot, Musk sees the border situation as a strategy for Biden.

The New York Post reports: “Elon Musk has brazenly claimed that the Biden administration is looking the other way as thousands of immigrants illegally cross the border because he wants to build up Democratic voter rolls before Election Day.”

“The controversial Tesla founder took to his social media site an expected nail. biter between him and Donald Trump in November.”

The story continued:

“Homeland Security Secretary (Alejandro) Mayorkas issued written guidance making clear that: Illegal presence alone is not grounds for deportation,” the tech mogul wrote.

“Criminal charges, convictions or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation,” he said. “You basically have to be a convicted ax murderer to be deported!

“That’s because every deportation is a lost vote,” Musk added. “They are importing as many votes as possible before the election.”

One wonders where illegal aliens get the idea that they are allowed to cross the border and vote.

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To be clear: Illegal immigrants cannot vote.

While these non-citizens clearly cannot vote, it is interesting that many think they will be able to once they enter the country and that someone like Musk thinks they will be able to, to the benefit of Joe Biden.

Regardless, the southern border of the United States needs to be secured. That the president, the person most capable of achieving it, does not seem to have much interest in it, gives rise to all kinds of speculation.

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