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Drake says he will take a break from music to focus on health issues

Drake said Friday that he will step away from music for a year or more to focus on his health, particularly his recurring stomach problems.

“I probably won’t be making music for a while, I’ll be honest,” the Canadian artist said in Table for onehis radio show on SiriusXM.

“I need to focus on my health first and foremost, and I’ll talk about that soon. It’s nothing crazy, but I want people to live healthy lives, and I’ve been going through some crazy times.” problems with my stomach for years.”

The announcement comes the same day Drake released his latest album, For all dogs. The Toronto rapper will also perform two shows in his hometown on Friday and Saturday.

Drake fans are photographed next to a bus selling merchandise outside Scotiabank Arena, ahead of his concert in Toronto on Friday. (Alex Lobo/CBC)

A representative for the entertainment company Live Nation confirmed to CBC News that those shows are moving forward as planned.

The tour section of its website and a Ticketmaster page show that a handful of U.S. shows that were previously scheduled for after Saturday have been postponed.

SEE | Drake’s announces that he is leaving music to focus on health:

Drake also said he has other things to do for the people he made promises to, without elaborating.

“So, I need to focus on my health and I need to do it right. And I’m going to do it,” he said.

“I’m going to lock the studio door for a while. I don’t even know what a little bit is. Maybe a year or something. Maybe a little more.”

He also posted a clip from the radio show on Instagram on Friday morning, with the caption, “See you when I see you.”



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