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Disaster For Republicans As Trump To Install Lara Trump At RNC

In what will be bad news for all Republican candidates not named Trump, the former president endorsed his daughter-in-law Lara Trump and campaign co-chair for Republican National Committee leadership positions.

Politico reported:

In addition to Whatley’s nod, Trump will also endorse Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, to serve as co-chair of the Republican National Committee. Lara Trump has long been an on-air surrogate for the former president, and during the 2022 campaign she was briefly mentioned as a possible North Carolina Senate candidate.

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As part of his effort to restructure the RNC, Trump will also name Chris LaCivita to serve as the RNC’s chief operating officer, according to the Republican operative, who was granted anonymity to speak freely. LaCivita will also maintain his role as co-campaign manager for the Trump campaign. The personnel changes will take effect once a new president takes office.

Trump has been de facto controlling the RNC since winning the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. Over the years, he has been pulling the strings as the RNC has acted as an arm of Trump’s political operation to the point where the RNC is footing the bills for Trump’s lawyers. .

This measure is a disaster for a Republican Party that is swimming in debt and has several parties in swing states that are bankrupt and dysfunctional. The goal of adding Lara Trump as co-chair was to put the Republican Party firmly under Trump’s control.

Republican candidates not named Trump can probably forget about getting funding or support from the national party. The Republican Party was already destroyed. Now, the Trumps have arrived to bleed him dry.

Donald Trump does not understand foreign policy and his only objective seems to be to help Putin by sabotaging his own country.

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