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Cedars-Sinai utilizes Apple Vision Pro and AI to create mental health companion

Cedars-Sinai announced the launch of Xaia, an AI-enabled and spatial computing-enabled virtual psychotherapy companion accessible on Apple Vision Pro headsets that aims to help people with anxiety, addiction, depression, and pain management.

The health system calls the experience “generated reality,” which it defines as the fusion of technology and therapy.

Developed in the Cedars-Sinai Extended Reality Medical Laboratory, Xaia uses Apple Vision Pro mixed reality environments to augment emotional state using a toolkit of therapeutic techniques using motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, prevention therapy of relapses and other modalities.

The technology remembers and learns a patient’s behavior, “synthesizing past interactions to inform future ones,” in order to personalize each communication and establish continuity of care.

Users can also perform AI-friendly meditations with Xaia, discuss their aspirations, and then meditate on them in an immersive environment.


Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai has long been at the forefront of utilizing extended reality technology in the hospital setting.

The health system welcomes vMed, a two-day conference that brings together stakeholders in the extended medical reality to discuss the use of XR in healthcare.

Cedars is not the first to announce the use of Apple Vision Pro in the healthcare sector.

Last week, diagnostic imaging and multimedia company Visage Imaging announced the launch of Visage Ease VP, an immersive imaging platform that can be used in Apple’s extended reality headset.



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