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Biden Makes The Hur Report Backfire On Trump

President Biden used Special Counsel Hur’s report to discuss Trump’s classified document crimes.

What did Biden say about the special counsel report and Trump?

Biden said:

I was especially pleased to see that the special counsel made clear the stark differences between this case and Donald Trump. As the special counsel wrote, and I quote, several material distinctions between Trump’s case and Biden’s case are clear. By the way, this is a Republican lawyer. Notably, after being given multiple opportunities, this is a continuation of the quote: He returned classified documents and avoided prosecution here, while Trump allegedly did the opposite.

This is an ongoing quote, according to the indictment, not only was he denied the return of documents for many months, but he also obstructed justice by recruiting others to destroy evidence and lie about it. Instead, Biden turned over classified documents to the National Archives and the Justice Department considered a search of multiple locations, including his home, and scheduled a voluntary interview and, in other words, cooperated with the investigation. That is the distinction, among others. The bottom line is that the special prosecutor in my case decided not to pursue any charges. This matter is now closed.

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Biden turns Hur report into advantage

The Hur report confirms that Biden committed no crime, but the Trump-nominated special counsel used his report to offer an opinionated characterization of President Biden’s memory that had nothing to do with the classified documents case.

The president has seized on the report even though the White House is unhappy with the subjective characterizations because it gives the president an opportunity to discuss Trump’s alleged crimes.

Biden will have plenty of opportunities to prove his memory is correct, but all it will take is a felony conviction to put Trump through.

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