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Artist VS AI – 10 Examples of AI Copying Real Artist’s Style » Mega Pencil

The exponential rise of AI-generated art has certainly been a sight to behold. However, it has also sparked quite a contentious debate among artists.

Reactions range from caution to outright, furious rejection of the concept of AI art, fearing that it could erase the very essence of human creativity.

In this article we show the results of using AI to imitate the different styles of ten acclaimed artists. By comparing original works with their AI counterparts, we hope to encourage critical examination that allows you to draw your own conclusions.

Midjourney: our tool behind AI-generated art

In our experience, Midjourney is by far the best generative AI for creating art, which is why it was chosen for this post. With the latest 5.1 update, we have seen a tremendous increase in capacity as well as an increase in resolution. Even hands are no longer a problem for Midjourney.

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For our example images, we chose 10 famous artists from various eras and entered their names into Midjourney. For example, “Salvador Dalí painting“, either “Da Vinci style sketch” etc.

Comparing the artist’s work with AI

Below you will find 10 examples of original artworks accompanied by their AI-generated counterparts. The human work is shown on the left (or above on mobile) and the AI ​​image on the right.

Pablo Picasso

Vincent van Gogh

Salvador Dali

Arthur Rackham

Georgia O’Keeffe

Mike Mignola

Leonardo da Vinci

JC Leyendecker

Jackson Pollock

Claude Monet

Do you have any artists you would like to see added to this list? Let us know in the comments below.



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