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Apple Cash will offer virtual card numbers for online shopping

Apple Cash may soon offer a “virtual card number” in the iOS 17.4 beta that can be used to shop online where Apple Pay is not available, according to a Reddit post spotted by 9to5Mac. The new feature promises a new security code for each transaction and the number can be accessed in Safari’s Autofill for ease of use.

In the beta, Apple Cash users are asked to “set up a virtual card number.” Once this is done, you will be able to view it through the settings menu, including the card number, expiration date, and security code. The number is separate from the one used for Apple Pay transactions and can be changed, depending on 9to5Mac.

As a reminder, Apple Cash is similar to a debit card and allows you to send and receive money through Apple Pay and the Message app. Funds can be stored and linked to a bank account or other debit card to transfer money back and forth. Earnings from Apple Pay cashback are settled as Apple Cash and the funds can be used to settle Apple Pay balances.

Apple Cash used to be operated on the Discover Network, but Apple switched to Visa in 2022. However, until now, Apple Cash had no card number, so using it online was a non-starter. Apple says that 15 percent of retailers still don’t accept Apple Pay, so with the virtual card number, you may be able to pay with Apple Cash at those sites. The feature is still in beta in iOS 17.4, which is supposed to arrive in March.

Apple Cash update adds 'virtual card number' for online purchases




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