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Apple adds win-back subscription offers and improved search suggestions to the App Store

Apple’s keynote at WWDC 2024 was packed with new platform updates and the launch of Apple Intelligence, the company’s generative AI offering. But it’s a developer conference after all, and Apple is giving developers more tools to boost revenue from their apps and promote them with buyback offers and the launch of a new commerce API.

Recoverable subscriptions

Apple will allow developers to reach out to customers who have subscribed to the app to win them back with new offers. Developers can configure which customers they want to reach, and based on that, Apple displays win-back offers in the App Store. Users can easily re-download the app through this offer card.

“Eligible customers can discover redeemable deals in the App Store, including on their product page and in editorial picks in the Today, Games, and Apps tabs, as well as within their app,” according to Apple.

Image credits: Apple

Improved search suggestions

Apple said it will add Focus State to the App Store later this year to improve search. This includes showing recent searches and suggesting personalized search term recommendations.

Image credits: Apple

Commerce API

Apple will introduce a new type of in-app purchase later this year: new APIs for “complex monetization” use cases. He gave examples of content creation apps that offer subscriptions, apps with large content catalogs (perhaps apps that offer sachet subscriptions to different content), and digital content that spans different apps managed by one developer.

Developers can now notify Apple’s App Store editorial team when they release a new app or update and have the opportunity to be featured on different pages. The company said developers can highlight content such as an in-app event, an app pre-order, or a major update.

Other updates

  • Apple will now allow developers to define criteria for the type of users who can join its Testflight to test their apps.
  • The company is also revamping the design of the Testflight invite and introducing analytics for public Testflight links.
  • Apple said that later this year, developers could generate unique or custom-use codes to attract users to their macOS apps.
  • The company will allow developers to link their custom product pages in the App Store in Apple Search Ads.


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