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Alan Wake 2 DLC Takes You Back to Night Springs

Alan Wake 2 It was one of the best games of last year and now players have a reason to start the game again. And this time, it has very little to do with Alan Wake himself.

night springs It’s a new DLC for Alan Wake 2, and will feature characters familiar to players of the “Remedyverse” games. Over the course of three “episodes,” players will take control of The Waitress, who looks like Rose Marigold from the games and is obsessed with Alan Wake, the actor who looks like Sheriff Tim Breaker from Alan awakening 2, and The Sibling, who bears a striking resemblance to Jesse Faden, the 2019 title character. Control.

Alan Wake 2 – Night Springs Expansion Launch Trailer | PS5 games

The trailer gives the impression that the DLC characters are supposed to be different from their in-game counterparts, in keeping with the same Twilight Zone-as an experience of night springs, which is a television program feature in the Alan Wake games. It’s unclear how this new content will relate to the actual game at this time.

Sam Lake, the game’s creative director and writer, made the announcement on Friday at Summer Game Fest, although the AWake 2 Twitter account he joked about the news earlier in the week.

With Saturday’s DLC will come some new additions to the game, such as new trophies and achievements for the DLC and a Photo Mode.

Lake also revealed that there will be pre-orders for physical editions of Alan Wake 2. The Deluxe Edition comes with the game and different in-game skins and outfits, and will be out on October 22 for $80, according to risk pace. There is also a Limited Collector’s Edition of the game created by Limited Run Games, and it will include the contents of the Deluxe Edition, a Collector’s Edition box, a replica of the game’s Angel Lamp, a keychain, and a key to the Ocean View Hotel, a Coffee World. set of pins and a Alan Wake 2 art book The limited edition comes out in November and will cost $200.

Alan Wake 2 Night Springs The DLC comes out on Saturday for PS5, Xbox Series, Steam and Epic Games Store consoles. The new content is part of the game’s Expansion Pass, which was included with the deluxe edition of Alan Wake 2. Those with the standard edition can pay the $20 for the upgrade.



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