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A Major Power Rangers Reboot Now Has to Be Rebooted, Again

The 2017 Power Rangers movie, what happened.

The 2017 Forest ranger movie, what happened.
Image: leonsgate

the stars of Forest ranger It may be easy for you to transform, but Hollywood is finding it easy difficult to transform them in a new franchise. Filmmaker Jonathan Entwistle has been attached to the franchise since 2019. first as a film director then how overseer of a larger, expanded universe. That expanded universe looked like it could look like a netflix series but now that series is dead and the franchise is back to the drawing board.

television line confirmed the rumors that began circulating online that the Netflix live action Forest ranger series show directed by Jenny Klein (Daisy Jones and the Six, Supernatural) It no longer advances on the streamer. As a result, franchise owner Hasbro is looking for a new partner to work with to bring Forest ranger back.

There’s no telling how that goes, but Netflix has been pretty fertile ground for the franchise. It’s where fans got the animated series. Cosmic Fury and, most famously, the reunion special that brought back most of the original cast. That it has decided not to move forward with another potentially more ambitious iteration is not a good sign.

As for Entwistle, he is currently working on The Karate Kidthe 2025 reboot/sequel of the theatrical four The Karate Kid films starring Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan. We have high hopes for it; perhaps once it is completed, he can help bring Forest ranger return in a new and exciting way.

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