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A Hysterical, Gory, Vibrant Homage

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a small chance you haven’t heard the famous phrase, “He’s alive!” before. Mary Shelley, a young writer who loved to write horror stories to pass the time, was the one who conceived Frankenstein and his monster. Years later, we have seen movies and television shows that pay homage to the characters created by Shelley. Lisa Frankenstein directed by zelda williams It is one of the most recent versions of the classic story. The daughter of Robin Williams, who previously directed Kappa Kappa The and appeared in a variety of supporting roles on television, gives us a scandalous, frenetic and highly entertaining story. With Devil Cody’s wonderful and vivid script (Jennifer’s body, United States of Tara), Lisa Frankenstein transforms into a clever ’80s-themed horror comedy, perfect for those who ever felt like an outsider.

Lisa Frankenstein Review

Lisa swallows (Kathryn Newton, Queer) is an ordinary teenager, with one exception: the high school student’s favorite pastime is hanging out in the abandoned cemetery known as Bachelor’s Grove. As soon as Lisa is in the presence of those who have already passed away, the girl forgets the tragic death of her mother, her absent-minded father, and, most importantly, her artificially sweet, vicious, sex-loving stepmother. gin, Janet (Carla Guginó, The Fall of the House of Usher). One grave, in particular, stirs Lisa’s confused feelings: an abandoned resting place of a charming man (Cole Sprouse of riodale), whose bust sadly dominates the overgrown cemetery.

Despite Taffy (Liza Soberano, Alone/Together) efforts to help her stepsister integrate into a new school, Lisa remains an outsider and often a laughing stock among her peers. But everything changes one stormy night when Lisa accidentally reanimates the aforementioned Victorian-era corpse and sets out to turn him into her ideal man.

It takes tremendous skill to successfully recreate a story that has been told for centuries, and yet Williams and Cody pull it off. Although it’s not flawless and at times a little messy, the film will speak to your nostalgic heart as the cast of Lisa Frankenstein It dazzles you. Newtonwho plays Lisa, already demonstrated her aptitude for horror in Christopher Landon’s film. Queer. The actor doesn’t disappoint this time either. As the main character, Newton skillfully captures the discomfort of a teenager who must start over: at a new school, with new friends, and even a new family. However, the most surprising aspect is Lisa’s transition into self-confidence. The girl becomes her true, morbid self as she seeks to get her child some new body parts, and this manifests in the way she begins to behave at school. Plus, her new and improved wardrobe, invariably dark colors, simply looks amazing on her, whether it’s a dark hat with a flowy dress or a black lace dress.

Sprouse is no slouch behind Newton, frequently stealing the show as The Creature. Although the actor riodale and Zack and Cody’s suite life Having only one (!) spoken moment, Sprouse is positively out of this world and acts primarily through stiff gesticulations, facial expressions, or grunts. But his creature is also memorable for the makeup. Jonny Bullard, one of the key makeup and special effects artists, does an outstanding job of transforming the actor into a dirt-covered, smelling corpse who gradually transforms into a young gentleman with mismatched body parts.

The supporting cast is just as strong as the main couple, particularly Soberano and Gugino. The characters portraying a mother-daughter duo are opposites. While Soberano plays a good-hearted Taffy, Gugino plays a rather antagonistic role. Still, even when the actor plays an evil stepmother, we can’t help but admire Janet’s colorful leotards and other ’80s-inspired clothing as she wanders around her pristine home listening to a portable cassette player.

Although Lisa Frankenstein It’s not perfect and at times misses its beat, it’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys reconstructions of the works of Frankenstein, unforgettable 80s vibes, and a good gothic comedy. Additionally, this coming-of-age film pays homage to the time when REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” was one of the most popular songs. An entire movie is packed with comparable nostalgic themes that you won’t want to stop listening to after watching it. And if it’s not the cast or the soundtrack that does it, could it be vibrant set design and costume design? The entire set design and costumes of the supporting cast provide a stimulating juxtaposition of Lisa and The Creature. While everything around them is optimistic and eccentric, they are morbid, dark and gloomy: a truly perfect duo.

As befits a decent horror comedy, Lisa Frankenstein It contains several fun scenes, but one specific moment involving a vibrator is the highlight of the film. However, in addition to the comedic moments, Williams and Cody claim that the film is also quite gory. Liberties and other body parts are cut off while “Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)” by The Pixies plays in the background. One thing is for sure: this gem of a film will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Williams’ film entertains not only fans of the genre, but also anyone who is nostalgic for the ’80s or intrigued by one of Universal’s classic monsters. Lisa Frankenstein is weird, naughty, gory and extremely entertaining. You will feel compassion for Lisa, despise Janet and be captivated by Cole Sprouse’s creature.

Grade: B+

Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein

In 1989, a misunderstood teenager has a high school crush, who turns out to be a beautiful corpse! After a series of hilarious and horrifying circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love, happiness…and a few lost body parts along the way.

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