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9 Side Hustles To Make Extra Money | Black Kite Express

The best side hustles for women focus on finding a fit it into your already busy life. The more money you earn, the more opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of, like investing, buying real estate, and saving for retirement.

The American Association of University Women estimates that women statistically earn 84 cents to every dollar a white non-Hispanic male makes. Women who also identify as people of color make even less, sometimes even less, like Latinas, who earn an estimated 57 cents to the dollar. Therefore, having various lucrative income streams as a woman is essential.

I’m proud to announce that I have been side-hustling since I was in grade school. My parents would buy me these cool pencils that everyone else wanted, and I happily sold each pencil for $1 each.

Online Tutoring Or Teaching

Connor Ondriska, CEO of SpanishViphas noticed that women excel at teaching subjects in person and facilitating workshops online. Communication and the ability to explain concepts are skills that many women naturally possess, making online tutoring and teaching a potentially lucrative gig.

“With the increasing popularity of online learning platforms and the demand for personalized learning experiences, women can leverage their knowledge and passion to provide valuable educational support to students or learners worldwide,” shares Ondriska.

I facilitate online workshops for university students who wish to know more about money management. It allows me to harness the power of knowledge with excitement that only I can bring.

How To Get Paid To Tach As An Online Tutor

Get Paid To Be Marie Kondo

Become a professional organizer if you are passionate about helping people declutter. This can involve helping individuals or businesses organize their homes, offices, or, as Ondriska mentions, “Specific areas such as closets, kitchens, or storage spaces.”

Women can assist others in simplifying their lives while earning income by providing practical solutions. You can also help other women create functional spaces and places they want to come home to.

Play Grand Theft Auto Live

If you’re like me, you enjoy the occasional video game like the next person. But did you know you could make gaming a side hustle with some serious focus and niching? You can earn money through gaming by winning competitions or building a thriving community with live streaming through Twitch.

You can also build up a YouTube following and run a Discord. You can also have members pay for custom content through Pateron.

Use Your Handyman Skills

It’s estimated that only 5.7% of all handymen are women. This is an untapped market if you have the skills. Why? Women hesitate to let men they don’t know into their homes (and for good reason!), which means they might put off maintenance issues, which will most likely cost more in the long run.

Some women on TaskRabbit focus on providing handyman services to female clientele to help clients feel comfortable while getting the maintenance they need to be taken care of. You can always upgrade your skillset by attending free workshops offered at Home Deport, taking an evening class at a local community college, or even watching YouTube videos.

Predict The Future

If you have strong intuition and a compassionate wisdom about you, consider becoming a tarot card reader. A tarot is a set of cards used to divine insights about the person who is receiving the reading. Tarot readers learn how to read individual cards, which include their meaning and which can then be used to give insight to a client’s life or answer questions.

Once a practitioner has dealt a round of cards, they explain each card’s meaning to help guide them with a current situation or question. You don’t have to be a psychic to do this, and can make money on your own time through platforms like Etsy.

Join OnlyFans

Stay with me here. 70% of content creators on this platform are women. Women also outrank men in the earnings department by reporting up to 78% more revenue. 85% of the top earners are women.

Don’t worry if nudity isn’t your thing – there are other ways to earn. You can make money by posting fitness content, foot pics, cosplay, and live Q&As with your community members. If you’re already a regular content creator on a website or social media, you could utilize OnlyFans as a chance for your followers to get regular behind-the-scenes content about your everyday life.

Sell Your Hair

If you have hair that grows fast or have been dying to cut it anyway, why don’t you try selling it? Wig makers will buy hair directly from sellers if your hair is in good condition, which means no chemically treated or processed hair. They’ll also pay more if your hair is longer than 8 inches and if it is thick.

You can sell to a wig maker or other organizations who help with hair loss sufferers through a reputable website such as Hair Cello. I saw hair going anywhere from $350 upwards to $1,000!

Put Your Plant Babies On The Market

As a self-identified plant lady, I’m obsessed with collecting plants. If you have a green thumb, you can buy small plants inexpensively and then sell them for more when they get larger. If you are good at propagation, you can also buy the plant once and then sell the cuttings once they are established.

Depending on the type of plant and the condition, you can get anywhere from $25 to sometimes $100 in online marketplaces and trade groups. My friend is great at doing this with her snake plants and monstera albo, which can sell for a lot.

Be A Friend

If you have a knack for talking to random people, rent your services out to those looking for them. People post ads looking for others on websites such as for various events. Some people are looking for someone to pretend to be their boyfriend or girlfriend for a family event, while others need a buddy for a social outing. Others just need someone to talk to.

If you’re great at making friends, this could be a fun and lucrative way to profit from it.

54 Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money Fast

Side Hustling Tips

You can maximize your side hustle potential profits by taking care of a few critical items before you get started:

Identify Your Skills And Interests

Not all side hustles are for everyone. If you’re an introvert, you might prefer to do something in your own home that doesn’t involve direct contact with many people. You probably wouldn’t be great at tarot if you think it’s all malarky. And no matter what, someone can always tell if you hate something or are uncomfortable, so don’t fake it till you make it.

Research Your Local Market

As mentioned, some side hustles can be oversaturated in your area, which means many people are trying to do the same thing. On the other hand, there may not be a need for the services you’d like to promote. Putting time aside to research before setting yourself up to hustle can save time and frustration.

Market research can be done by browsing local online listings and communities like Nextdoor. If you see a service going for way below market value, that indicates a lot of competition and may not be very lucrative.

Set A Realistic Schedule

Writing may now be my full-time gig, but it was just a side hustle for quite a few years. I would write whenever I could and got pretty crazy about trying to fit it into my schedule around my full-time job. It was hard to produce consistent work and avoid burnout.

One of my top tips for anyone starting a side hustle is to look into creating a routine. Pick designated days and times that work for you, and allow yourself time for breaks and chores. Setting up a schedule for yourself can eliminate decision fatigue distractions and help you stay consistent with your output to start to stack that cash.

Have you tried one of these side hustles? Were you successful? We want to hear about it!



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