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7 New Real Estate Books That Should Be On Your Reading List | Black Kite Express

Whether you’re looking for advice as a new agent, real estate investor, or seasoned agent, these seven new releases from established industry names can offer a hand when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

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For those agents who are still sticking to their New Year’s resolutions regarding their business, it may be the perfect time to read a book that can help you stay motivated.

Whether you’re looking for advice as a new agent, a real estate investor, or an experienced agent, a host of new releases from established industry names can offer you a leg up when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

Review the following list of seven new titles, including those from real estate celebrities Tarek El Moussa and Ryan Serhant, to determine which one is best to help you enhance your real estate career today.

By Desireé L. Burgos

Credit: Amazon

This practical real estate guide written by Desireé Burgos, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Burgos Realty Company, based in Montclair, New Jersey, provides engaging and informative advice for new or aspiring real estate agents. Burgos began her career in real estate decades after her husband and was fortunate to have a broker partner willing to help her learn the ropes.

Burgos developed this guide for agents or aspiring agents struggling to understand how the real estate industry works, with detailed tips on everything from getting licensed to time management, CRM, the power of relationships, and more. While weaving together stories from his own professional development, Burgos shows readers the ins and outs of the industry and provides free downloadable resources.

By Tarek El Moussa

Credit: Amazon

Real estate investor and HGTV mainstay Tarek El Moussa published his first book on February 6: Turn Your Life Around: How to Find Opportunity in Difficult Situations – in Real Estate, Business, and Life.

The serial flipper chronicles his own business and personal failures and successes throughout his professional life and imparts the lessons he has learned over the years with readers through four distinct action steps: 1. Evaluate, 2. Emulate, 3. Renew and 4. Duplicate.

Over the course of 12 chapters (plus a prologue and epilogue), El Moussa’s casual voice shares his remarkable story that encompasses self-destructive behaviors, health problems, and pretenses until he made it big. Flip or fail and more.

By Dustin Fox

Credit: Amazon

Before launching his real estate career in 2015, Dustin Fox had a successful 15-year sales career in big box retail. Part of that real-world experience is what helped Fox build a real estate team that sold more than $300 million in sales volume in its first two years of business.

The six-week plan that Fox has developed in his book will give agents specific, practical tips to become better agents through increased visibility, more sales, and a good reputation in the industry. From tips on niche marketing to developing a great listing presentation, this book is packed with advice for agents looking to up their game.

By Tiffany McQuaid

Credit: Tiffany McQuaid

McQuaid & Company founder, president and broker Tiffany McQuaid has teamed up with Bruce Littlefield to write her first book, which seeks to provide advice to budding entrepreneurs.

McQuaid’s strategy is a back-to-basics approach that she explains through seven principles: fearlessness, vigor, intention, inspiration, ingenuity, incentive, and influence, giving McQuaid and her readers the “nth degree.”

The book includes support from shark tank Barbara Corcoran and promises an “easy-to-read and understandable” look at business advice interspersed with anecdotes from McQuaid’s personal experience building his career.

By Marta Meléndez

Credit: Amazon

Martha Meléndez, real estate advisor at Engel & Völkers in Central Florida, has recently published her first book, The aspiring agent. Written with his Engel & Völkers colleague Steve Stark, the book guides new and aspiring agents in building their business, from growing a sphere of influence to choosing the right brokerage, learning the ins and outs of fair housing and specific details of working with buyers and sellers and more.

Melendez has worked in the property industry for more than 15 years and has served as vice president of talent attraction for Engel & Völkers Melbourne Central for almost six years. The aspiring agent It is truly a didactic book, with relevant conclusions included at the end of each chapter and a glossary of terms at the end of the book so that new agents can have a quick reference guide.

By Dave Meyer

Credit: Amazon

Dave Meyer, host of BiggerPockets In the market podcast and author of Real Estate in Numbers, has published a new book that recognizes that there are many paths to success in real estate.

In Start with strategy, Meyer guides readers in evaluating their specific resources and situations so they can create an investment strategy that works for them as individuals. Meyer covers how to create realistic long-term goals, mitigate risk, and maximize returns for real estate portfolio growth. The book also includes example plans and templates to help readers easily develop their own strategies.

By Ryan Serhant

Credit: Amazon

In her third book, Estrella Bravo y SERIANTE. Founder, broker and CEO Ryan Serhant addresses the power of brand. Serhant maintains that an individual’s authentic self is their true brand, and every time someone needs the service you sell, he wants them to automatically think of you.

In Mark it as SerhantSerhant includes many crazy stories from his career, as well as takeaways from entrepreneurs who have created some of the biggest brands, including entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk, luxury designer Rebecca Minkoff, self-help author Mark Manson, and others.

Serhant’s book is another hands-on affair, with several exercises, worksheets, and a case study for readers to review and work on as they progress through the book’s lessons.

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