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17 Best Work Pants for Men 2023: Hard-Wearing Trousers for the Daily Grind

In 2023, the best men’s work pants are ready to offer long hours of service in the name of their fit. Rugged pants have been conquering tough conditions for over a century and are still going strong as the go-to pants for guys whose jobs require them to get dirty and dirty, day after day. But even if your tool belt is more of a laptop bag, a pair of reinforced pants are a reliable option that will add an authentic workwear touch to your outfits.

The best buying guide for work pants

Log in after a long day at work and you’ll discover that there is a wide selection of reinforced pants to choose from; A quick scroll through the algorithm makes it clear that these pants, particularly the vintage versions worn to oblivion, have become a status symbol among the matcha-drinking, handbag-carrying masses.

On the one hand, the extra pockets are nice when you need to carry a phone charger or a pair of sunglasses. On the other hand, the classic, relaxed fit is all the rage in the era of baggy pants, which means they’re ready to anchor a pair of steel-toed boots or as a stylish counterpart to lugged-soled loafers and chunky retro-style sneakers. . . Most importantly, though, the inherent toughness of work pants means you don’t have to take care of them. They’re designed to be battered, stained, splattered and scraped, and they only look better the more you lean into their precious little pedigree.

Work pants are still made in affordable mass-market batches by big brands like Carhartt and Dickies, but the genre also represents a blank canvas for some of the most inventive designers in the game, who only have one real job in mind: help you. look great. No matter where, how, or when you check in, the following 17 pairs (the best men’s work pants on the market) will help you do it right.

The Best Ridiculously Durable, Ridiculously Cheap Work Pants

Dickies work pants have a subtle presentation, but that makes them even more reliable as pants you can wear day after day. Treat them like a particularly sturdy pair of chinos and wear them alongside campus-ready classics (Oxford shirts, oversized sports coats, sleek two-tone loafers) or lean into your workwear roots with a denim jacket and boots. . The best part? For less than $50 each, you can afford to choose a few different colors and never give any of them special treatment. If you need a makeshift hem, skip to the tailor and grab some scissors.

Best old and new work pants

Carhartt WIP

“Nash” Paneled Straight-Leg Cotton Canvas Pants

Like its world-famous work jackets, Carhartt’s double-knee pants are the signature take on the style that, in recent years, has seen it go from a workplace staple to an on-the-go must-have. moodboard. Whether you wear them with their natural counterpart in steel-toed boots or juxtapose them with today’s dainty sneakers, their industrial-strength canvas fabric and reinforced leg panels are what have allowed pairs to vintage remain in circulation for decades. Which, as a result, ensures that a new pair is something you can wear with reckless abandon for years to come.

Best work pants for guys on the go


Utilitech Carpenter Pants

If your modern work schedule involves hitting emails more than hammers, then all you need is a work pant that’s a little “lighter.” Lululemon’s version has some of the hallmarks of the OG (reinforced knees, lots of pockets, etc.), but it’s made with the Vancouver-based athleisure giant’s signature Utilitech fabric to prioritize business-casual comfort. They also have a hidden drawstring closure to help withstand the routine of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day.

The best work pants for resourceful cowboys

The only fabric that can hold a hammer in bona fide canvas workwear is denim, so it’s only fair that one of the best pairs of work pants comes in an indigo-dyed color. Stan Ray has been producing these relaxed-fit, belt loop-embellished painter’s pants since the ’70s, and they’ve remained basically unchanged since they first appeared on construction sites soundtracked by Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also come in raw denim if you want to earn your fades the hard way, but this medium wash is ready to wear while you’re walking down the street dancing to the new Drake.

The best Work Pants

Givenchy’s runway-ready work pants are still made of a very durable material; said material turns out to be ultra-luxurious leather instead of the typical canvas. If your idea of ​​”underground” is more a description of a nightclub than a workplace, these are for you. Ultimately, we can’t in good faith support intentionally destroying a pair of pants that cost more than a fully loaded MacBook Pro, but leather pants will only get better over time if you need to justify this expensive purchase as a “piece of investment”. “.

Plus 13 More Work Pants We Love


These double knee joints highlight their reinforced details through contrast stitching that emphasize their heavy-duty bona fides. A signature from the Japanese playback wizards at Kapital is just a bonus.


Double Knee Convertible Khaki Pant

Apologies in advance for the trinkets you lose in these pockets, but it’s worth it for the vibe alone.


Corduroy Waffle Double Knee Climber Pants

When life after hours takes you off the grid, reach for these trail-ready pants, courtesy of the mountaineering gurus at Gramicci.

Miles Leon

Straight Leg Cotton Twill Work Pants

Clean, office-ready work pants that you can rock with your newest button-downs from Monday to Friday and all weekend long when you go out.


Washed Double Knee Work Pants

Giving new meaning to the term “work trip.”

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder’s riff highlights the origins of corduroy workwear while honoring the fabric’s Ivy League pedigree.

Three Good

Everywear Braided 5-Pocket Work Pants

Most work pants are made in serious professional colors, such as brown, black, and navy blue. Instead, Tres Bien’s purple 5-pocket style is here to show you that getting ready for your workout doesn’t have to be monotonous.

ralph lauren

Distressed Corduroy Field Pants

Ralph Lauren put some serious work into making these corduroy beauties look like they were really put through the wringer, and the results are definitely worth touting.


Garment-dyed cotton canvas pants

Minimalist master Christophe Lemaire gives these pants a super clean look that you can easily pair with a shirt and tie.

Royce Hill

At first glance, the work pants from Brooklyn brand Royce Hill look pretty classic, but look closer and that subtle geometric pattern is designed to appeal to people who care about the details.

Randy’s clothes

Straight Leg Cotton Twill Utility Pants

Randy’s Garments formula for premium workwear is simple but effective: Start with a classic silhouette (in this case, heavyweight twill work pants), make it in New York City from premium materials, and cut it with A perfect fit that will never go out of style.

Alex Molino

A pair of crisp white painter’s pants are a choose-your-own-adventure trouser proposition. You can keep them pristine and wear them button down to the office, or embrace your roots by wearing them 24 hours a day, knowing that their splashed destiny will only make them look cooler.

Universal works

Universal Works’ version of the style features true-to-form contrast stitching, but more importantly, as the name implies, a forgiving fit that everyone will love.



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