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10 Tips To Help You Get Back To Exercising

make yourself a schedule

If you open the calendar on your phone right now, I bet you can easily block out three spaces in your week for exercise. If you’ve booked it, you have it in mind and are more likely to follow through rather than spontaneously. Come on, do it now.
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Use the 5 minute rule and start small
When you’re trying to get back into the swing of things, an hour-long workout can seem impossible. This leads many of us to avoid going to the gym and instead procrastinate. So instead of overwhelming yourself and stopping before you start, simply commit to five minutes.
Then, if after five minutes you find that you don’t have the energy to continue, stop. Typically, though, once you start moving, you’ll feel better doing a longer workout. Even if you end up stopping after five minutes, you’ve started something and it’s still something to be proud of.
Focus on getting moving
How good we are at something usually determines how likely we are to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete amateur or an Olympic athlete, getting your body moving is what counts.
Get ready

Once you have those training slots in your calendar, don’t let anything get in your way. Prepare your gym clothes, pack your suitcase and set the alarm. However, instead of leaving your alarm clock or phone on the nightstand, place it on the other side of the room so when it goes off you’ll have to get up. This makes you more likely to get up, get ready, and get out of the house to get the most out of that workout.
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If you’re someone who normally works out after work, do the same prep the night before so you’re ready. Your gym bag will be right next to your desk, to remind you of what’s coming and keep you motivated.
do it for you
As tempting as it may be to share your progress on social media, especially since there will always be encouraging comments from friends and family; Remember that the only person you are doing this for is you! It takes time, effort and dedication to exercise and if this isn’t what makes you feel good, you may struggle to stay motivated and achieve your goals.
Get a gym buddy
It’s very easy to not go to the gym or exercise because there is no one to answer to. Why not ask a friend, family member or co-worker to exercise with you? You’ll feel motivated to exercise, add some fun to your workouts, and allow you to catch up too!
Music makes a difference

When you exercise, the music you listen to can make a big difference. You need to listen to something that motivates you and makes you feel uplifted. Maybe create a playlist of your favorite songs to help you get moving.
Wear it outside the gym.
Gym life is not for everyone, whether due to the environment or the types of training. Some prefer to be outdoors and run in the local park or play on a sports team. Being healthy and fit is different for different people and we get results in different ways. If you find that the gym isn’t working for you, don’t stay there. If you don’t enjoy it, you’re more likely to be inconsistent or give up completely.
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What is important to remember is that a habit is created from the consistent activities we choose to spend our time on. Therefore, the more consistent you are with your workouts, the easier it will become a part of your daily life and won’t feel like a challenge.
What sometimes intimidates us is that we think about the effort we must make, instead of the result we will get if we do it. There will always be a time when you don’t feel like exercising, but you go ahead and do it anyway, and how wonderful does it feel afterwards? It feels great!
So, you may feel a little sore the next day, but you’ll never regret giving yourself that kick in the butt to do that exercise.
Are you ready to get back to exercising?

There you have it, ladies. You’ll be back to exercising in no time with the advice we’ve given you.
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